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Slartibart's Coin Replacer

This is a mod/replacer I made ages ago while I was working on a much larger project. Still working on that project, after a very long break! But

here is the coin replacer, finally free of the clutches of my hard drive!


This is just a small collection of coin replacer files, both textures and meshes with updated UV map. All they do is change the appearance of the Vanilla gold piece, which I thought was a bit lacking. There are four varieties, all of which include a mesh that has special UV to fit the texture.Despite essentially being a model replacer, it does require an ESP to change the model. The ESP also adds a giant version of the coin into the Testing Hall, so you can get a much better look at the version of coin you have installed!

1. Touched up Vanilla - A new up version of the Vanilla coin. Uses a completely different texture I made from my collectors edition Coin.

2.Canadian - A texture created from a photo of a Canadian Centennial $20 gold piece. Since the coin is glossy in real life I tried to make it glossy here.

3.American - A $2.50 Indian Head Quarter Eagle from 1911.

4.British - It ain't gold but it is old. A tupence (2 pence) Cartwheel Coin from 1797 made of copper. Weighing in at 2oz, (56.299 gram), it is the heaviest British coin ever produced for standard circulation.

Unpack the the .rar into a folder outside of you Oblivion installation folder. Once unpacked, choose what variety you want and copy the contents of that folder (Data) in to your Oblivion installation folder. Then activate the SlartibartCoinReplacer.esp in the launcher. When changing the variety your using do the same and just overite the files when asked. Next, enjoy!

To uninstall simply delete the following files: Data/meshes/clutter/SCRgoldcoin01.nif, Data/Textures/Clutter/SCRgoldcoin01.dds and Data/Textures/Clutter/SCRgoldcoin01_n.dds then delete SlartibartCoinReplacer.esp from your data folder.

Credits & Reusage
Credits go to:

My dad; for getting me into coin collecting.

The Community; for inspiring me with all those amazing replacers and mods out there.

The Nifskope team; who really made a great tool for editing nifs

And myself, Slartibart; for the textures and higher poly coin mesh.

You may reuse the textures in any way you want, I would just like a PM notice when you do. Credits would also be nice.

Any questions please PM me on the nexus or leave a comment.