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some neurotic claustromaniac individual

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Adds a playable Mazken race compatible with OCO v2.

Permissions and credits
I wont be updating this file any longer. Take a look at this if you haven't already.

Oblivion Character Overhaul version 2
Cobl (optional)

This mod comes in two versions. The normal version adds a custom playable Mazken race that is compatible with OCO v2. The second version modifies the existing Mazken race from Cobl to make it playable and compatible with OCO v2, thus having all hair and eyes options from Cobl, as well as Cobl stats and powers.

As of version 2 both the Cobl and non-Cobl versions have been rebalanced to Cobl Balanced Races' standards. Mazken women are physically stronger and tougher, whereas men have slightly higher mental stats. This also corrected the extremely low Personality of both genders and raised the Luck of the males from the vanilla 25 to a more balanced 50.

There are two files in the archive. Use only one.
Install with Wrye Bash or manually drop the file of your choice in the Data folder and activate it.

Known issues and bugs
None. Should you run into any problems, let me know.

The normal version only requires OCO's resources and Blockhead, therefore as long as nothing replaces them no problems should arise.
The Cobl version requires Cobl resources and has Cobl.esm as a master, but it will conflict with Cobl Races and Cobl Races - Balanced just like OCO does.

Future Plans
Why do you want to know my plans? Who are you? Who sent you?!
I wont tell you how I'm planning to rule the world... its a SECRET.

The Cobl Team
All the people they gave credit to in their respective mod descriptions.

Legal and licensing
I don't care.