Elz - Unique HighHeel Footstep Sounds for Player by Elzee
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Added: 06/06/2014 - 10:35AM
Updated: 10/08/2014 - 04:28PM

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Last updated at 16:28, 10 Aug 2014 Uploaded at 10:35, 6 Jun 2014

My English is not good.
I hope you can understand

This mod is not for newbie.if you can't understand how to install, please give up.

This mod makes player character to have unique footstep sounds.<-different from NPCs.
(Sounds in mod are highheel footsteps. you can change it as you like.)
Different ground surface material, whether in stealth, will play a different sound of footsteps.
(You can watch the videos.)

The MOD installation is not complex, but to let him work, you must do some things.
These things may be very very very cumbersome, please get ready.

OBSE v21 < - note, must be v21 or higher.
A Mod can let PC have unique animations <- If you don't have this, you can use Elz-UniquePCAnim in optional download.
NifSkope < - A tool can edit NIF files and KF files. Find it yourself

Extract the mod into your data folder.

Then do the next:

Things you have to do yourself
The footsteps in Oblivion, is triggered by "TextKeys" in KF file, you must modify your kf file, add special TextKeys to tell the mod "Hey, it's time to play footstep sounds!"
Note: Just modify the unique animations for player in "/Data/meshes/character/_male/specialanims/" only. Don't touch other kf files. You'd better make a back up.

How to add TextKeys into kf file?
1.Open a unique kf file for player by Nifskope.
2.Find the "NiTextKeyExtraData" in the end of the block tree.(look at the picture)

3.Find the TextKeys in "Block Detail" area.
4.Change all the "Enum: Left" to "Sound: HighHeelSoundL"
Change all the "Enum: Right" to "Sound: HighHeelSoundR"
(look at the picture)

Note there is a space after ":"
5.Save the kf file.

6.Do the same thing for all of your unique animations for player.

All comleted,then enjoy.

I'll not share a already-modified animation pack here.

If you like this mod, please endorse. Thank you.

For 1st person camera, Oblivion - Enhanced Camera is recommend. --With this mod, You can get unique footstep sounds in 1st person with out do anything after you have done with your 3rd person animations.