Harvested Plants Be Gone by DeltaType90 And Corehound
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Added: 24/05/2014 - 01:01PM
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Last updated at 12:54, 24 May 2014 Uploaded at 13:01, 24 May 2014

This is a very simple mod that I made and use in my own game because I was tired of running up to plants that I had already harvested and this plugin solves this problem by making it so that once a plant has been harvested it will no longer show in the game.

What It Does And How It Works:
This mod uses a very simple script that I have set up for each of the various plants in the game, the scripts has been added directly to the plants on the "objects list" so it will not in any way affect landscapes directly and should therefor be compatible with most other mods.

The way the script works is by triggering two commands 1. it will add the ingredient related to the plant in question directly to the player's inventory and 2. removing the plant with a simple "disable" script command, pretty straight forward.

Please be aware that once this plugin has been installed, any plants subsequently harvested during the play-through will be completely removed from the current play-through and will NOT reappear even after turning the plugin off, the only way to get the plants back again would be to go back to a save game from before the plugin was installed.

Furthermore, be aware that because this plugin adds the script directly to the plants on the "objects list" and not in the game-space itself, it will mean that any default plants added through other mods will also be affected by my plugin and this could result in plants that have been added as a decoration also being deleted if harvested and the only ways to get these plants back would be to either load a save game from before you harvested the plant, or by re-install the affected mod, but note that this means you will loose any possible progress that you might have had with regards to that particular mod.

However, it should be noted that the plants that are removed are ONLY removed from the current play-through and it will ONLY affect the character in question, any of your other play-throughs or characters will NOT be affected.

Also note that, any plants that was already harvested before installing this mod, will not be affected by my mod and will remain in the game.

Additional Notes:
"Drop Chance" Note:
Another thing to take note of is that because I have made the script as lightweight as possible, plants will now have a 100% drop chance of the ingredient in question.

"Unofficial Oblivion Patch" Note:
The "Unofficial Oblivion Patch.esp" from the mod of the same name, adds a couple of corrections to primarily the names of some of the plants and to ensure compatibility with that awesome mod, I have also included the same name corrections to any of the affected plants in my mod, which should make them 100% compatible.

"Shivering Isles" DLC Note:
There is a chance that my plugin will require the "Shivering Isles" DLC to be installed and I have not fully tested this, but should this be the case and should there be any wishes for a version that will not require this particular DLC, let me know and I will make it happen ASAP!

Bug Reports:
Even though I have been very careful to get all of them set up to give the correct ingredients on harvesting, I had to make a total of 88 separate scripts, so there will always be a chance of having made a mistake somewhere, should anyone happen upon a flaw like that, or any other problem for that matter, please make sure to drop me a line in the comments and let me know so I can fix it.

Final Words:
Please feel free to do what ever you want with this mod, everything included is completely free to use as they are all pretty standard scripts and other than the .ESP the mod has no other content ;)

I hope everyone who install the mod will find it useful and enjoy it, happy gaming everyone!

With best regards