Umbra Is Your Friend. by RogerRed
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REQUIREMENT: Companion Share and Recruit

"Umbra shall feed!!" is what your going to be hearing a lot if you use this. It makes Umbra recruitable with Talkie Toaster's Companion Share and Recruit, by adding rumors to her dialog which CSR requires to make an NPC recruitable, changed her combat style to accept your yield in the event she attacks you, I also made her essential though she hardly ever needs, and that's it, everything else is vanilla.

Umbra is very strong as you would know if you ever fought her, so why not let her join you, you know what they say, if you can't beat them let them...join you..or, you join...them.. or.. whatever! there's going to be some joining and there's going to be some feeding.

Note:If your level is lowish it takes a lot buttering up to recruit her. Also if you ask her to share and take her sword her disposition drops to 0, but can be easily raised again. But its all worth it.

Suggestion: Start the Clavicus Vile Quest first before talking to Umbra
Suggestion: Give Umbra back to Umbra, give her a bunch of soul gems and let Umbra feed.
Suggestion: Use Soul Gem Magic to fill all gems to capacity.

Just drop esp in your Data folder and activate before playing