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v 0,9


You need the BSA from the Original file http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/45120/?
(this is only the translated esp)


Theresa is a Companionmod, I never found a similar, (apart from 2 quite something similar on my non removable disk). I found it some years ago on the side any longer not operating “shy”. I translated, gave a new design and something more.

This companion can do nothing the other companions can do; in particular you cannot open her inventory. She is, like she is and that is well done so. She wears her Harlequincostume and its for a good reason. She has horns, because it is not really human, but what she is, you must find you out yourself. She accompanied my character for years and if you play with her, you will perhaps find out, why she was for my magican character the tower in the battle of Bruma and the frights of all Ayleiden in KotN (Revelation). She likes tall enemys.

Which can do it for your character is: You can enchant wepans and armor without using an enchantmentaltar and make magioc scolls. She can heal you from wound and desease and she will fight for you. She has 3 fighting skills: Blade, marksman and fire magic; I would not like to tell you more, every skill has its own charm.

The version has the number 0,9 because Theresa has no Quest and in Tamriel she will not be to fond. As a magic Creature you find it in your charm book under "summon: Theresa ". The magic functions as flip/flop switch. Used a second time Theresa disappears.

You only need little Manna for swearing her. This is intention, because it can be like that something like an emergency nail, geteu the slogan: If you believe the end is near, from somewhere comes Theresa here.

I wish you enjoy in Theresa, as I 'm enjoying her presence.

Installation: Simply (!)

Extract BSA and esp into DATAfolder, activate and here we go.
Deinstallation; delete the two files mentioned

"J” for the Skripte of these Mod (I looked for you everywhere, but not found) “
"Selene” for Abyss Demon Race
“Lucha and Anton” for cool windshield frame section
“SEVENNITY2 for lady Faun
“Imperator 3” for
Demon more defender
“electionis” for Lightning
“Dalls” for Nosferatu_Bow
“Se7enraven” for Nemakki Arrows
“Reaper7” for Skullring
“Waalx” for Firehands
“Skycaptain” for his animations
“Stroti” for a whole number of metal textures
an unknown Japanese Modder for Wipmeeyepatch

I should have forgotten someone, this was not my intention, please announceas soon as possible, even if my work does not please somebody. I will remove its part immediately and if possible to replace.