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Added: 11/05/2014 - 10:01AM
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Last updated at 9:35, 11 May 2014 Uploaded at 10:01, 11 May 2014

This mod adds 6 spells (1x destruction, 1x alteration, 4x mysticism) to the player that allow you to influence your enemies with gravity forces.
To enable the spells, sneak into the basement of Edgar's Discount Spells in the Imperial City's market district. You should see the rest once you are there.

The spell set includes:

Gravity - Push (Mysticism, journeyman)
Forces your target away from you.

Gravity - Pull (Mysticism, expert)
Draws your target towards you.

Gravity - Levitate (Destruction, expert)
Lifts up your victim and tortures them with flames in the process.

Gravity - Smash (Mysticism, master)
Everyone in the effected area will be smashed to the ground.

Gravity - Catapult (Alteration, no skill required)
Exteriors: Catapults your body up into the sky while leaving your spirit as a hull, giving you a free shield boost in exchange for immobility.
Interiors: Lets your body fly through the room, also giving you a free shield boost.

+ 1 "secret" not-really-hidden 2nd master mysticism spell that can be activated separately.

No other mods or utilities required.
Just a little set of spells that I made as I realized during making another mod that Oblivion has this wonderful function "pushactoraway", so I was looking if someone already did a gravity spells mod. Except for "push" spells this didn't seem to be the case, so... here is one (with a short, 9-years delay ;)).