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Mr Ms More Undies Mod HGEC (updated)

This mod if for the game The-Elder-Scrolls-IV-Oblivion.
This mod will add 26 colourful underware (lower body only) to your game.
The underwear can be found in Anvil, over by the statue in the water, as per the original mod from Mr_Macabre.


I wanted to add menu icons to this mod since 26 items are a bit much without pictures to decide on which to choose from.

I also wanted to convert it to the body style I use, the HGEC EBE lower body.

As I was integrating the menu icons into the .esp through the construction set I looked into the chest container and
noticed that only 25 items were present instead of the supposed 26, so I added the missing item also (redblack, I think).

So there you have it, the changes made to Mr_Macabre original mod are mentioned above.

I would normally let you users download his mod first then update it with mine but since the menu icons need to be integrated
through the construction set I have already done this for you to simplify everyones existence and to save everyones time as well.
So all you need is included within.

Grab the main file then grab the lower body type you wish to use, if different from the default EBE lower body, and overwrite with your chosen type if needed.




If you are using OBMM then have it use Mr Ms More Undies updated - OMOD ready.7z within the file you downloaded. For a manual install then you should be wise enough to know what to do.


As far as I know, Tona gives free reign to modify any of his/her stuff, so the same applies here.
Just make sure that you credit Tona, in addition to the credits seen below.


Mr_Macabre for Mr Ms More Undies Mod HGEC 30504
Tona's Underwear Mod
Exnem's Female EyeCandy Body Replacer
RAIAR's HG EyeCandy Body
gerra6 for Clothing Body Style Converter
Thank you to Bethesda for creating Oblivion and enabling users to mod it.