Retrieving Morovir by Matthiaswagg
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Added: 04/05/2014 - 12:00AM
Updated: 09/05/2014 - 01:34AM

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Mod: Retrieving Morovir
Author: Matthiaswagg

I created this mod to test my modding skills, as I am still somewhat of a newbie with the Construction Set/CS. I wanted to
learn how to make simple quests, so I created this one. Endorse if you like it.

This mod adds a small quest to the game. It is fully voice-acted. It is activated by speaking to Actius Morovir in the Imperial Market District. He stands outside the Gilded Carafe, presumably waiting for somebody to approach him. When you speak to him, it should begin the quest. It is a simple retrieve&return quest - you go to the location, get the item, and bring it back for a reward.

There is purposefully no quest marker to the location of Morovir. Actius gives you fairly descriptive directions, and it's not that hard to find. I find it more immersive this way.

Inside the ZIP file, there is one .esp. and a Sound folder. If you want the voiceacting, pull both the
RetrievingMorovir version#.esp and the Sound folder into your Data folder. Replace if necessary.
If you don't want the voice-acting, just pull the .esp into your Data folder.
When you load up Oblivion, click the box next to RetrievingMorovir.esp, and enjoy!

V. 3.0 released
Redid entire mod for greater efficiency
Actius wanders around now
V. 2.0 released
Added voice-overs
Tweaked dialogue to fit voice-acting better
Got rid of quest marker to Fort Ash, but added directions
V. 1.1 released
Tweaked dialogue to make more sense
V. 1.0 released - Initial release
Added Retrieving Morovir quest

None that I know of. I've tested it a few times and it works as expected.