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Added: 29/04/2014 - 01:45AM
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Last updated at 1:45, 29 Apr 2014 Uploaded at 1:45, 29 Apr 2014

What this mod does is that it adds properly AI'd and faction NPCs to the game, four of them. Your brother Max (Bravil guardsmen) Sister Elspeth (Breton vampire Assassin and dark brother hood guild member) and Mother and Father. Your father is a retired Imperial Guard while your mother has dark brother hood connections by her Altmer great uncle Greywyn Blenwyth. His tomb is right across the river from your parent's farm.

This mod adds a little more background to the crimson scars in the game, no new factions are added but your sister is technically a crimson scar and one of the last surviving ones with that one guy in the Walnut Inn. Your brother will visit the family farm on the weekends were you can then if you're a criminal have him forgive all of your bounty. Your father also will not arrest you.

Updates in the future:

Changing the races of your parents or making alternative versions of this mod that cover parentage for non-humans and RedGuard.

Or you could make my life easier and just be adopted.

Oh I almost forgot! Be careful with the pigs! They'll attack anything not in the pc faction. This is on purpose I find it handy when running back home to wait for Max to come erase my bounty.