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v2.0 Update:
Added a tweaked version of 'oblivion iv logo.bik' for a smoother transition on first playthrough
edited both video and audio sequences for better looping
added bonus content of new main loading screen

This replaces the default menu loading video with one that matches the popular "Dark UI" menu scheme and features an edited version of the original trailer footage. It still uses the default map video resolution of 1280 x 720.

Also included is a matching soundtrack using the more heroic sounding theme music from the original cinematic trailer. This is an optional installation as it will complement this video, but is not required to install this.

I've tested this in several standard and widescreen display resolutions without problems.


1. Backup the following two Bink video files in your ...OblivionDataVideo folder:
Map loop.bik
Oblivion iv logo.bik
2. (OPTIONAL STEP IF YOU WANT TO USE THE INCLUDED SOUNDTRACK) Backup the following audio file in your ...oblivionDataMusicSpecial folder:
2. Extract the downloaded Data folder from here to your Oblivion directory
3. Launch the game and these two files will play making your dark UI complete and allowing you to enjoy the more heroic version of the title music.

TES Oblivion

Delete the installed files and restore your backup copies.

Now includes replacer for oblivion iv logo.bik
edited video & audio sequences
added optional main loading screen

v 1.0
First release


The original creators and developers of the Dark UI interface and loading screens: Greybird, DarN, Galahaut, hyperion5, etc.
Rehevkor, who had some files on TES Source that gave me enough information to create this replacement video.
Frizdog who's own Dark UI menu video supplied with templates allowed and inspired me to produce this.