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This mod if for the game The-Elder-Scrolls-IV-Oblivion.

Yesmin (CM-Yesmin_cute-elf.esp)
Yesmin is a CuteElf Mage, CM Partner.


1 - CM Partners Mod Basic by Cutthroat Mods - http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=7819
(The only files needed to run this Yesmin Partner is the CM Partners.esp and the CM Partners.esm. and the CM-Yesmin_cute-elf.esp)

2 - Cute Elves race - Mystical Unicorn - new v135 by Acidoangel http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/16120/


Yesmin is a true Mage and essential. She will level-up with the player. She is quite intelligent, has strong willpower and good endurance. Her specialties are restoration, mysticism and destruction spells, but good with other magic too. She wears an enchanted shirt and has a couple enchanted rings. She has a nice collection of staffs, an enchanted shortsword and mace also. Mage birthsign. Her AI is quite extensive. She sleeps little and will do so at different times. You may even see her attempt to paint something. Yesmin is currently wandering around the North Country Stables, located just to the south of Chorrol.

Str=35 Int=50 Wil=50 Agi=40 Spd=30 End=45 Luc=50


The CM Partners Mod Basic by Cutthroat Mods and the Cute Elves race - Mystical Unicorn - new v135 by Acidoangel must both be installed first for Yesmin to be healthy as she is in the screenshots. I recommend HG EyeCandy Body. Be advised, she wears a collar in the screenshots for a reason, neck seam is apparent... :( Nobody's perfect and neither is she :)


Copy CM-Yesmin_cute-elf.esp to your OblivionData directory and activate that .esp.
Or, if you are using Oblivion Mod Manager then click the *Create* button then the *Add Folder* button and go find the Data directory within this mod: Yesmin_Cute-Elf_Mage_CM-PartnerData. Click *OK* button. Right click on the CM-Yesmin_cute-elf.esp that should now have appeared in the small window, under *Relative path*, you may need to click on the radio button named *Plugins* for you to see the CM-Yesmin_cute-elf.esp. Right click on the CM-Yesmin_cute-elf.esp like I said and click on *Import mod details*. Now click on *Create omod* button. A confirmation message will show up when all is ready. The new plugin should now be listed with the other mods you previously installed, and it should be coloured green. You need to double-click on it now for it to become blue. Don't forget to activate it upon launching your Oblivion game, like any and all other mods you are already using.


Thank you Acidoangel for the Cute Elves race.
Thank you to Cutthroat Mods for CM Partners Mod.
Thank you to Acidoangel (Yesmin is distantly related to Elenya - Cute Elf by Acidoangel http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/16233/)
Thank you to Bethesda for creating Oblivion and enabling users to mod it.


Feel free to do whatever you like with this mod. Just make sure you give credit where credit is due.