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Yokuda Battle Cat


Version 1.0


Tonbogiri, a Yokuda Battle Cat, is a very powerful fighting companion, who has toggle Stay' & Follow commands and a Summon Spell. She is Essential, Player owned, & will not turn on you even after Friendly Hits. She will always place herself between you and an attacker to fight him to the death. She purrs when Idle & answers you (Meow + Message) when she receives commands. She follows closely vigilantly watching out for danger.

She will be a fairly equal partner in combat, she begins at level 5, & levels with you. She has self-healing abilities,Reflect Damage 25 (It's like Jujitsu!), & Water Breathing. She Resists Magic 75%, Poison & Disease 100 %; to prevent permanent effects requiring a reinstall. Her stats are pretty much those of the Mountain Lion buffed as a bred & trained Battle Cat's might be. She is fast enough to keep up with a mount.

She is particularly useful in Role Playing non-warrior types, such as youngsters, traveling Healers, Archers, Magicians, or Alchemists who want an interesting companion to help defend them in a dangerous world. Intrepid Adventurers will have a partner not a liability or an overpowered companion who leaves them nothing to do.

To begin:

Tonbogiri is the only survivor of a Youkuda ship wreck. She swam to the small island South East of Leyawiin and slightly East of Tidewater Cave. On the game map, the island resembles a tea bag suspended from the mainland. She will be ahead and to your left as you step from the wooden bridge that connects the island to the mainland. It may take a second or two to see her, as she is accomplished at stealth.

You may choose to activate Tonbogiri now, or later in the game. When you activate her you will receive her Summon Spell & she will be set to Follow Mode.


Oblivion with the Patch or the Oblivion GOTY version. SI is not necessary.


There should be no incompatibilities unless a mod alters the terrain where she is placed, and that might not cause a problem.

If you do have a conflict with another mod, you must temporarily uncheck that mod in the Loader Data File before you choose Play at the start of the game. Start the game, activate Tonbogiri, move her away form the area changed by the Mod, & save your game. Now you can Quit, recheck the conflicting Mod in the Data Files Launcher & choose to load that Saved game. You will now have BOTH Tonbogiri & your other Mod.

This mod has been tested with 173 other mods without a noticeable problems.


The Original Version is one that some people do not want changed and remains available as it was. This is the only version that has several Faction Memberships & those may make her actions unpredictable at times. zeebnorb preferred this set up & you can choose it, or either of the other two versions which have ONLY the Player Membership.

Version 1.1 is an optional version for those who would like: 1. Sneak, 2. Player Faction only, 3. Greater Restore Health, 4. Lower purr volume, 5. A bit lower strength at the start. If you have the original version you only need to change out the esp.

Version 2.0 is an optional version for those who would prefer: 1. Swimming animations, 2. ability for Tonbogiri to self heal by casting a self heal spell, 3. Sneak, 4. Lower purr volume, 5. Player Faction only, 6. Slightly less strength at the start. It has a YokudaBattleCat Folder, instead of a MountainLion Folder, for the Meshes in Creatures & a new esp that need to be added if changing from the original version.


Extract the archive to a temporary folder and check the folder structure if necessary. Make sure that you have a Read me, & a Data File that contains the YokudaBattleCat.esp and three Folders:

Meshes>Creatures>MountainLion which contains a Folder called idleanims and also 4 nif files called gs-cat-oc.nif, gs-cat-oc-head.nif, gs-cat-oc-paw_l.nif, and gs-cat-oc-paw_r.nif.

Sound>fx>YokudaBattleCatSounds with 4 wave files : YCatAttack.wav, YCatIdle.wav, YCinjured.wav, and YCyesAware.wav.

Textures>Creatures>Mountain Lion which has 5 dds files: gs-cat_n.dds, gs-cat_oc.dds, suzu_03.dds, suzu_7.dds, and suzu_n.dds

Then move the meshes, textures and sound folders, plus the esp to your Oblivion Data Directory & to their proper addresses. If this is new to you:

1.The YokudaBattleCat.esp goes in your Oblivion Data folder.

2.The four Yokuda Battle Cat Meshes & the idleanims folder, found in this mod's Meshes>Creatures>MountainLion Folder, go into the Bethesda Softworks>Oblivion>Data>Meshes>creatures>mountainlion Folder.
(The Address Box at the top of your Windows Explorer window will read: Bethesda Softworks>Oblivion>Data>Meshes>creatures>mountainlion.)

*If any folders below your Game's Data Folder do not already exist, then move the mod Folder under Data which is required to provide the correct address at the top of your Explorer window.(i.e. If Creatures Folder is not yet in the Game's Meshes Folder, then you will move the Mod's Meshes' Creatures Folder into the Games Meshes' Folder. It contains the MountainLion Folder & the mod's meshes. If there is a Creatures folder and no MountainLion folder,then put the mod's Mountainlion folder in the game's Meshes>Creatures folder.)*

3. Put this mod's YokudaBattleCatSounds Folder inside the Sound fx Folder.(Oblivion>Data>Sound>fx).

4. The five dds files from the mod's Texture>Creatures>Mountain Lion Folder go into the Game's Oblivion>Data>Textures>creatures>mountain lion Folder. (Oblivion>Data>Textures>creatures>mountain lion)

5. Save this Read Me somewhere for reference & ease of uninstall. Keeping a Desktop Folder for all of your Read Mes can be very helpful, especially if you note which files the mod adds & where.

6. At the Oblivion Start Up, Check the Box by the YokudaBattleCat.esp in 'Data Files', BEFORE choosing 'Play'.


**IF you have Maigret's House Cats, Akaviri Battle Cats, or any other HISSSSA based mod installed, make a clean save without Tonbogiri in your cell, then remove all but 2 of the files listed above. DO NOT remove the suzu_03.dds or the suzu_n.dds files from the Data>Textures>creatures>Mountain Lion file. Otherwise, you will remove the textures for the collar and bell & your game will crash when it tries to load it.**

If you do NOT have Maigret's House Cats, Akaviri Battle Cats, or any other HISSSSA based mod installed, make a 'clean save' without Tonbogiri loaded in your cell & then remove:

1.The YokudaBattleCat.esp

2.Check the contents of Meshes>creature>mountainlion for items other than four gs-cat-oc nifs & an idleanims folder which contains only specialIdle_clean2.kf.

*If there is nothing else inside, you can remove the mountainlion folder (& perhaps even the creatures folder, IF it has no other contents). Never remove any game Folders that you did not install or that are being used by another mod.*

If there ARE contents from other mods, only remove the 4 files & the 1 Folder mentioned.

3. Remove the YokudaBattleCatSounds Folder from Data>Sound>fx Folder.

4. Remove the gs-cat_n.dds (NOT a hs-cat_n.dds IF you have one!), gs-cat_oc.dds, & suzu_07.dds files, from the Oblivion>Data>Textures>creatures>mountain lion Folder. If you have any other HISSSSA textures based mods, do not remove suzu_03.dds or suzu_n.dds. They are necessary for those mods to load in your game. If you have no other HISSSSA based mods and the files you installed from this mod are the only contents, you may remove the Folder holding them.


Zella by PM at The Nexus Forums at Oblivion Nexus. I will reply if possible, though I may not check my messages regularly.


The generously provided beautiful Cat Meshes, suzu_3, suzu_n.dds files & sounds that make this such a beautiful & enjoyable mod are by HISSSSA.

The author of the beautiful Ocelot, and ocelot collar, Textures is zeebnorb.

This mod would not exist were it not for Maigret's "My Simple Creature Companion Tutorial" on TES Alliance, her beautiful 'Maigret's House Cats' Mod, AND her generous help and permission to use her work and resources. She must get the 'lion's' share of the credit. ;-)

Mojodajojo's wonderful 'Companion Rabbit Fufu' Mod inspired this mod & some of it's functions.

yyy721 has contributed a great deal of expertise & work to greatly improve this mod.

goranpaa for his unflagging support, advice, beautiful screen shots, & countless hours of testing of every single version of all of my mods.

Malachi Delecot for his time, advice, and expert testing of this mod.

Mei Ling, a truly advanced soul, for her love, guardianship & inspiration. It is her fearless protective spirit that guards the Player in his game with this mod.

Bethesda for a brilliant game that can be modified to suit so many & has given so much enjoyment to so many gamers.


This mod is not to be uploaded anywhere else without asking me first. To use the resource files you should notify & thank the original author, HISSSSA. He can be Tweeted.
The beautiful Ocelot and her collar textures are not to be used without the permission of zeebnorb.