Campfires in campsites fix by jet4571
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Added: 01/04/2014 - 04:36AM
Updated: 25/01/2017 - 11:11PM

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You walk into a random campsite and kill off the three bandits that are there and take a seat at the campfire, But wait there's a seat and a pile of wood but no fire! Maybe there's a Skeever roasting over some wood... Wouldn't having a fire roast it faster?

I found it odd that there are many campsites dotting the wilderness that has someone using the camp and they all had a wood pile but not all of them had a campfire. So I added fire to the campfires.

I added 2 sets of fire for each site I did, one that does not add light that is there at all times and 1 that is a light source that is on during the night only. I chose to use the fire version of the light so the flames look brighter at night than during the day and looks better. The light version completely disappears during the day so that's why the non light fire was added.

Requires Oblivion.

Install the same as you do every mod.

Conflict issues. This mod adds allot of fires to many locations. If you have a mod that uses the location and with this mod there is a fire where it shouldn't be use Tes4Edit to remove the offending fire from this mod.

NMM support: Please take any NMM issues to the forums where they belong. I did not make NMM and I cannot fix NMM. Don't ask me about NMM issues and I wont tell you where to stuff NMM.

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