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Last updated at 19:28, 29 Mar 2014 Uploaded at 19:24, 29 Mar 2014

There was a few things about Battlehorn Castle that I felt was missing, also there was something that could be altered to make it even better.

This mod adds new interior cells and an altered exterior area of Battlehorn Castle.
If you look at the original version of Battlehorn Castle it had a East Wing, but no West Wing.
So this mod has adds a West Wing to the interior of the castle and some other interior cells that are accessible through it.
There was also done some altering on the exterior of the castle, primarily the courtyard.
Simply just added a bit more detail in it and moved a few things, no big deal.

* The West Wing which contains the throne room of Battlehorn Castle.
* Lower Chambers, a place to store your goods and treasure, reached through the West Wing.
* Mage Quarters, accessible through the Lower Chambers, got everything you need as a mage.
* Added more opportunities for storage.
* All containers in the added interior cells are safe.

So, did this bring any changes or replacement?
Yes, slightly, for the most it just added new things but there are something that has been edited in order to make it all fit:
Altered the Great Hall of Battlehorn Castle where the Private Quarters or Master Bedrooms became centered and the doors to the East- and West Wing systematically placed on the proper sides of the interior cell.
The primary chest in your bedrooms got renamed, the original name was ''Lord Kelvyn's Chest'' but since you take control over the castle and become the new owner I just renamed it to ''Lord's Chest''.
The exterior, as I mentioned, has been edited just for the sake of immersion and detail.
Keep in mind that the changes added to this mod are not related to the purchase of furnitures to the castle, they simply appear.

Requires the original DLC of Battlehorn Castle, possibly also the Shivering Isles.

Simply extract the content to your Oblivion/Data folder.

Just wanted to thank Bethesda for making this original downloadable content and for the entire production of Oblivion.

Report any bugs in the comment section.