Hammerfell Curved Swords by Billyro
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This mod adds 3 curved swords into Oblivion. They are loosely based off Skyrim's scimitars, though a little more elegant in their design.

The sword models are low poly and the textures are high-resolution, so there should be a nice balance between aesthetics and performance.

Included in this mod: normal sword, short sword and two-handed sword variants.

How to obtain these weapons?

Redguard smugglers have crossed into Cyrodiil, and currently reside at Last Chance Camp. The camp is located directly north of the road between Kvatch and Anvil (feel free to look up the camp's location - it's hard to describe).

Alternatively, if you're feeling lazy, you can use the console command "coc LastChanceCamp" to teleport there quickly.

NMM Installation:

You will need NMM for this. Either download the file with NMM via the download page, or put the .zip file into NMM and it will install.

Manual Installation:

Unzip the file to a temporary location, then copy the "meshes" folder, "textures" folder, and "Billyro Hammerfell Curved Swords.esp" to your Oblivion Data folder. Open the Oblivion Launcher, go into Data Files, then tick the .esp file.


Disable the mod in NMM, or delete the files you got in the .zip file from the Oblivion Data folder.


1. Do not redistribute to other websites - this is a NEXUS ONLY release.
2. You are free to port this to other games - just notify me first and give a link to the original mod in your description.
3. Don't use for commercial purposes. This should be self-explanatory.


Dennywood, who gave me the inspiration to make this a proper mod.
3DS Max 2012