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Lunas Sweater Outfits

*** If you enjoy this mod, please post screen shots! ***

This adds a series of sweaters and skirts for HGEC. There are 4 color combinations and 5 sweater variations for a total of 20 outfits. The skirt is the same shape for all outfits. Each of the sweaters has been edited to eliminate clipping with the skirt, but some clipping may still occur with some pose mods. The outfits can be found in a floral gift box in the Testinghall. To get there, open the console with ~ and type "coc testinghall" without the quotes and you will teleport there. The gift box is to your left, almost straight across from the door to Hawkhaven. The box will respawn if you need more outfits. To leave, go through the door to Hawkhaven and fast travel from there.

My floral gift box may be used as a modders resource if you have need of a fancy present. The ground model is another gift box, and that one may be used as well. If you use the boxes, please give credit to Korana for the original gift boxes.


HGEC body
Coronerras'Maximum Compatibility Skeletons or Universal Skeleton


Nailflan for 3 sweaters and the original sweater textures
Hepsy for 2 sweaters
http://www.plaintextures.com for some of the skirt textures