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This is my attemt to make the anti hero Elric of Melnibone' from the books by Michael Moorcock. Elric, is an albino elf, and not an especially nice person. Unfortuntly I could'nt get red eyes for him. But hope the ones I used will be sufficient for you anyway?

I have given him 10.000 gold and some I collected during the tutorial, and 10 filled black soul gems + some other stuff that I hope will be useful. The armor is the ebony vanilla one. Elrics evil sword Stormbringer, will be the sinblood Orthae sword mod:


And you will also need the Elves of the linage II race mod:


>No other mod should be required.

You will as usual start at the IC island sewer gate.

Thanks to Miss Onatopp for the Elves of the Lineage II mod. And Sinblood for the Sinblood Orthae sword mod.