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Name: Woodman Armor V2
Version: 2
Date: 3/17/2014
Category: Armor
Author: StalkingWoodsman/ElderScrollsFan001
Source: TESNexus.com
HomePage: TESNexus.com


Oblivion 1.2.416


This is just an updated version of the work done by StalkingWoodsman

Main thing I did was change the female version of the armor. I added a belt with pouches and a canteen be to both male and felame version off the shirt. I also made better icons with knowleg I gained form Mhahn123

The belt with pouches and canteen came from Dopplers Armory by Ryu Doppler. The desciption in the on the site and in the readme gives permission for the items to be used and long credit is given as well as being contacted.


Manual Install

1. Extract this archive to any folder and then copy the contents to Oblivion's Data folder.
2. Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, and enable the Woodman Armor V2.esp file(s).

OBMM Install

Installing the Mod

1. Extract the archive to any other folder.
2. Copy the extracted archive to [Install Path]OblivionOBMMMods
3. Start Oblivion Mod Manager
4. Click the Create button
5. Click the Add Archive button, navigate to the archive and select it, then click the Yes button.
6. Click the Create OMOD button, wait until it finishes, then click the Ok button

Activating the Mod

1. Start Oblivion Mod Manager
2. Double-click the name of the mod in the right-hand side of the OBMM screen, once installed the mod icon will turn blue

BAIN Install

1. Copy the entire archive into your Oblivion ModsBash Installers folder.
2. In Wrye Bash Installers tab, highlight the new archive.
3. Check any sub-folders, ESP/ESM's as required.
4. Right click the archive name and Install.
5. In Wrye Bash Mods tab, check the ESP/ESM's and rebuild Bashed patch. (Also recommeneded to run BOSS first).


Manual Un-Install

1. Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, and enable the Woodman Armor V2.esp file(s).
2. Delete the files/folders associated with the mod.

OBMM Un-Install

1. Start Oblivion Mod Manager
2. Double click the mod to deactivate it, once finished the icon will turn green

BAIN Un-Install

1. In Wrye Bash Mods tab, deselect the ESP/ESM's associated with this mod.
2. In Wrye Bash Installers tab, right click on the archive name and Uninstall.
3. Rebuild Bashed patch.


Thanks to InsanitySorrow for his ReadMe Generator this file is based on.

Thanks to Bethesda for creating Oblivion.

Woodsman Armor by StalkingWoodsman

Dopplers Armory by Ryu Doppler

Mhahn123 for teaching how to make good Icons

Tools Used:

Insanity's ReadMe Generator
Construction Set Extender


You can do whatever you want with this, all I ask is that you give full credit for any work used.

I would also appreciate you letting me know where the work was used.