Little Cabin by Faelrin
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Added: 17/03/2014 - 06:57PM
Updated: 12/04/2014 - 03:32AM

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Last updated at 3:32, 12 Apr 2014 Uploaded at 18:57, 17 Mar 2014

Requirements: Make sure Oblivion is up to date with patch 1.2.0416 and maybe the Shivering Isles too, although no assets where used from there.

Just adds a small cabin using Stroti's Old Cabin resource, and many other modder's resources, along the Gold Road. There should be plenty of storage and it is all safe. There is also a small garden on the outside (behind the cabin), with a couple of plants, and a garden box with some mana blooms in the front of the cabin. The cabin can be fast traveled too. There is also a horse free to take. She is essential, and has the same stats as a white horse. Please enjoy!

Stroti for the Old Cabin, Static Alchemy Clutter, Rustic Furniture, and the Rustic Pieces resources
Meo and Myrilath for the Ayleid Clutter resource
Meo and Pheonix Amon for the Open Books resource
Meo for the Static Dishes, and the Globes resources
RileyMarks for the Static Booksets, and Static Hanging Planters resources
Texian for the Static Water Meshes resource
Trollf for the Paintings Galore resource
Momo for the Farm resource
AlienSlof for the Extra Horses Pack 2 resource

This mod is to only be found on the Nexus, where I have uploaded it. If it is found anywhere else, it is stolen.

Update 1: Just adds a northmarker, fixes the horse's package, and changes the map marker icon to the settlement one instead of the tavern one.

Added a new more "lore friendly" version. All Ayleid chests converted to the wooden chest, and the planter is now a tan planter instead. Mana blooms removed from the planter out front. Choose only one of the main files.