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Added: 16/03/2014 - 11:58PM
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Are you sick and tired of blustering wind playing ALL THE TIME while you're outdoors in beautiful Oblivion nature? Especially when you're sunk into headphones. Jeez. Blustering right in your ears.
How about the long, drawn-out cicada noise from Atmospheric Oblivion? Bzzzzzzz.
I sure was.
I went and found every instance of 'wind' I could locate in /Data/Sound/ - including those added by the Weather Inside mod and the Storms and Sound mod - and renamed a blank wav file over and over again until EVERY wind sound was replaced with silence. I also isolated the cicada sound from Atmospheric Oblivion and replaced it.
It was worth it.
This will have the side effect of a marginal performance boost, much like Quiet Feet, since Oblivion won't have to process constant >500KB blustering noises, but 58b silence instead.

Installation: either unpack this archive and paste it directly into /Oblivion/Data (the file structure is set up from there), or download it with Nexus Mod Manager and activate it (no archive invalidation necessary), or drag and drop the archive into Nexus Mod Manager and activate it, or drag and drop it into Wrye Bash and install it... If you can fathom other ways to get these empty sfx into your Oblivion data, that will probably work too.

This does not depend on any of the mods it replaces files from. You are free to open up the archive and delete those files if you're inclined, but they add a literally infinitesmal amount of space to this mod.
The files for Weather Inside are in /Sound/fx/ambient/weather inside (Corrected in 1_03)
The files for Storms and Sound are in the root of /Sound/fx/ambient (the amb_windXX files)
The file for Atmospheric Oblivion is in /Sound/fx/plxsnd
The 'void.wav' file in the /Sound/fx/ folder is the original silent .wav I used, so that you may copy it to replace any other sfx you don't want to hear anymore.

This mod is being updated often, as I'm learning more everyday about how to make this work how I want it to.

Update 1_02 replaces 2 rather out of place 'breeze' / wind sounds played almost constantly while you're in dungeons, while retaining the other atmospheric dungeon ambience.

Update 1_03 fixes the file structure of the Weather Inside replacements - my folder was named 'weatherinside', theirs is named 'weather inside'. This mod should now correctly replace the wind heard from indoors.

Update 1_04 silences three more ambient wind sfx inside dungeons, discovered with the wonderful revelation of the Debug Text - Audio function. Thanks, Bethesda!

Update 1_05 silences three cicada sounds heard while wandering the 'plains' at night, disguised as 'crickets'.