Chapel Goers by Yetu
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Chapel Goers
By Yetu


Don't like the empty chapels in Cyrodiil? Want to fill them up with immersively placed NPCs? Then this mod is for you.


• Adds about 15 various NPCs to the chapels of Bravil, Bruma,Skingrad and Leyawiin (for now)
• All NPCs are lore-friendly (no uber leveled armor, mostly just commoners, farmers and hunters)
• Interesting notes scattered throughout the NPCs inventories
• The NPCs do not respawn, thus are great companions (if you have companion making mods installed)
• They often sit on the benches, so they don't just walk around all day (that's the whole AI for now, they sometimes sit and sometimes don't)

How to Install

1 (manual) – Extract the mod to a temporary folder on your desktop. Install the mod by hand by moving the >ChapelGoers.esp< in your Oblivion/Data directory.
2 (NMM) - You know how it goes... ;)


-0.8 – initial release

Known bugs

-None, yet

Future Developments

• Add a ton of more NPCs, notes and journals
• Make a better AI system
• Give me some suggestions :]