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Shops Revisited

This mod's intent is to spice the hell out of Oblivion's Imperial City shops, taverns, and Tamriel Inns.  Go to any damned store or inn, ANYWHERE, and you'll see:  Apartment buildings?  Archery stations that are two feet from where you stand?  No spell training areas?  No variations?  No defense against robbery?  They're EXACTLY the same, without variation!  Really Bethesda, you did a D+ job on shops.  We don't want apartments for our shops.  This mod entirely re-vamps shops, shopkeepers, and their details and merchandise.

Current Features:
7-10 shops fully re-done, many more to come, and MUCH more content and detail will be added in future versions!

I also added a special area in the Fighting Chance store, if you look to the right upon entry, I made a little something for you. It's one of my previous mods, S.O.B. (Only with a much nicer touch!)

New buyable armors. Emperor Armor Replica, and soon to come buyable Mythic Dawn.

Robbing (Alpha) - You can now rob people, steal their store merchandise, but at a price... Can you afford the 1250 bounty and the shopkeeper's hate for you?  Can you prevent him/her from killing you?  This all will happen (Not scripted yet... please wait!) the second you break into that chest.  They'll immediately hate you, and will only like you again when you begin to pay off what you stole.  They'll attack you the second they see you sneaking (After first rob attempt).

What's to come:
Full revamp of every single shop in the Imperial City, and every Inn and Tavern in Tamriel.

1.0 Main update, coming with shops redone.

1.1 Fix for Knowledge Orb script error.

1.2 Added polished darkwood, go to The First Edition to view it, I made it for the new table replacement, the new shelves for the books, and his chair.

1.3 Remade a few more shops, added in a golden paint bench found in the Imperial Commerce and one other shop.

1.4 Added more shops, added more detail in them.