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This mod enables armors that are regularly impossible to acquire even through cheats, since the items aren't playable.

This mod makes most armors playable.

Main File Features:
Emperor's Robes
Emperor's Armor
Palace/Imperial Watch White Armor
Mythic Dawn Bound Armor (Is already playable, spell impossible to get w/o cheating. This places the armor in the IC Market district, near the statue.)

Optional files:
Shivering Isles expansion pack, enables:
Dark Seducer Armor
Golden Saint Armor
Order Knight Armor ( DO NOT USE IF YOU ARE FEMALE )

The Seducer/Saint armors vary by your level. They go from Leather to Daedric defense levels.

Dremora Armor expansion pack, enables:
All Oblivion Realm armors, like the Dremora Kynreeve Robes.

Side note: To prevent you being able to have Dremora armor in the first few quests of the game, I've disabled Churl and Caitiff. The other 4 sets are available.

Full List:

Kynval Armor
Kynreeve Armor
Kynmarcher Armor
Markynaz Armor

and, if you're a mage,

Valkynaz Robe

The weight on the armor was beyond ridiculous, so I downsized them.
For example, Valkynaz Robe is 90 pounds. What, are you wearing weighted armor or something, trying to be Goku?