Nerastarels House My Skingrad House by Sweetlithium
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The undead in this house always bothered me, I finally decided to open the construction set and set the house's owner as Player. I barely touched the house, save for deleting all the cobwebs, undead spawners, and the trashed barrels. Most of the furniture if it was touched was just rearranged. I added a table in the dining room and a wall shelf. The Bed upstairs was pushed against the wall, and I added a pewter pitcher with floating gems above it as a quick money maker. What Storage there is does respawn so I don't recommend putting things in there, save for the hidden Jewelry box. The house is fully playable now, I'm using it for my Breton Merchant Aelda.

Please note that I like furnishing my own houses in game, the only decorations included are what was already in the house and what I listed. The dining table shown I decorated myself.