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The call has gone out for experienced mercenaries looking to make some coin. An untouched ayleid ruin has just been uncovered at the mouth of the Brenna River, and the expedition set to explore it is in dire need of sellswords to defend workers and scholars from the unknown dangers of this long buried tomb. But while the expedition toils away, another force is at work in the long-lost depths of the Fire King's tomb.

Installation Guide
Simply unzip the package and drop the .esp into the Data folder, in your Oblivion directory (usually under C:/Program Files).

-- Playing the Mod --
To begin, find the "Sellswords Wanted" bill that has been distributed to numerous inns and Fighter's Guild Chapter Houses in Skingrad and Anvil.

If you just want to skip to the dungeon, it can be found overlooking the mouth of the Brenna River (check your map).

- Known incompability with Sutch Village by Arthmoor, but there's a compatibility patch by mhahn123
Sutch Village
Sutch Village Compatibility Patch

Verona House Bloodlines: Its "Tomb of the Warrior" location conflicts with this mod, though the interiors of both the Tomb and Nagaia Molag's dungeon remain accessible.

Should be compatible with just about anything else, but email me if you stumble across any other incompatibilities. The exception is any mod that changes any of the cells listed below:

In the event that there is a mod conflict involving any of these interior cells, just load this mod before the one with the conflict--the changes I made to these cells are very minor, so this mod won't suffer much if some of those changes are overwritten.

I also edited the exterior cells with these coordinates:

These changes aren't so easily overwritten, so load this mod after any that change one or more of these cells.

If you have any problems with the mod or installation, or if you discover any bugs, feel free to email the author at:
[email protected]

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