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Added: 01/03/2014 - 12:53AM
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===LotStars v1.0
by Sundabar21


=== Description
This file replaces the sky background of the vanilla game with a 1024x1024 new one. I wanted only a few stars more bigger as if it were planets from a far distance and a lot of small stars.
I recommend use it with the NGC6188 Nebula from "Cosmic SkyCycling" as these fit well together.

Really this is only a sort of test mod

=== Compatibility:

Tested only with Vanilla and All Natural. I don't know how it works with other environmental mods.

=== Install:

1. Extract the file in a temporary location and copy the Data folder in your Oblivion folder. It will replace the skystars.dds file so if you only want to take a look, make a backup of it before.
2. Make an archive invalidation if needed (obmm).

=== Uninstall:
Delete skystars.dds file from the oblivionDataTexturesSky folder and make an archive invalidation.

=== If you want take this texture as a resource. I don't care.