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Children In Town

Sorry if my English is funny.

I made two versions, read about it below the -----

My mod places children in the Citys of Cyrodiil.
Until now there are only two per town. Three in IC Market and none in other IC districts (I might update this).
The children are a seperate race and have their own body textures. If they get undressed (happpens with some scripts) they will always wear (ugly purple) underwear and will have adult bodys.

There is some clipping of the clothes. I can not fix it.

My Children are like in Skyrim (more or less) They can't be killed and they run a lot.
They have no voice just silent greetings.

I suggest to use a different HeadHuman texture. Replace the one under Textures/Characters/Children with a texture of you'r choice. There are many wonderful face textures out there.

This is kinda Lore unfriendly if you use the ESP version. Some clothes are too modern.

The ESP requires clothes and hair from Maxim and Dustins Blog. See link in included Readme!
It places a girl and a boy in every town.

Required from Dustin's and Maxim's Blog:
-Newsea Hair
-Forest Demon Race (or just the loose hair out of it)

Without their work, mine would be nothing and the ESP will not work.

The ESM is only the race with a girl and a boy that are not placed in game.
You can use both to copy the facedata into your own children you would have to create first.
They are examples only.

Use only the esp or the esm. Not both together.
Texture folder is alwys needed, so copy this one into your data folder.

Thanks to
Robert2 for his wonderful bodymods and the textures I use!
Maxim and Dustin for their Blog and of cause for their fantastic mods!

Update Information
I uploaded a new optional esp to give all the girls skirts. You can use only one version.