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Note: If a message pops up when loading talking about the game relying on mods you don't have, continue by clicking yes, as the game will load perfectly fine without the several mods I have

This is my first ever save from oblivion. It was from nearly October 2013.

You will start out as a female wood elf in Wenyon Priority. I do not care what you do next. I reccomend (as a joke) to stray from the main quest as much as possible.

modders, You may use my elf in new mods, such as (but definitely not limited to), companion mods, adoring fan replacers, arrow replacers, elf-horses, elf rain, and you may use her in youtube videos. BUT REMEMBER, I AM allowing you to do ANYTHING WITH HER, WHICH DOES INCLUDE ADULT MODS.

Reccomended mods:
In the screenshots I use the HG EYECANDY BODY mod that can be found at http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/15802/? , but they are not included with the save.

edit for march 2013!!!!

I have made a new save for the wood elf. In this save she is now Ginger, has a ponytail, a less wide face, blue eyes, is sorta in her underwear, has two houses (beware of trip hazards), is in the dark brotherhood (first quest completed), has completed the main quest (wait for the armor), and I think still in bruma with a statue of herself (it holds a bow, heeehehehe hahaha!!). I recommend this for people that just don't like the main quest, or just think that the main quest took to long and don't want to do it again.