Neck Seam Fixer by Alenet
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Added: 23/02/2014 - 06:10PM
Updated: 23/02/2014 - 06:10PM

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Last updated at 18:10, 23 Feb 2014 Uploaded at 18:10, 23 Feb 2014

This is not a "real" fix for the neck seam because it's hard to solve this thing in Oblivion.
This is a "workaround".

This mod adds/removes necklaces dinamically during a dialog avoiding the neck seam; it's good specially for the NPCs with vanilla clothings/armors and head model replacers/mods.

The mod hooks the "dialog activation" between the player and a NPC and adds a necklace chosen randomly between six necklaces for female NPCs and three of them for male NPCs. The necklace is added only if the amulet slot is free. The necklace is removed from the NPC when you activate another NPC.
The mod doesn't use a quest script but it handles the on activate block for the player and NPC interaction (and viceversa). This makes it fast, simple and without performance problem.

I have created it for OCO2 users, but you can install it also without OCO2.

OBSE is required.

Nuska for OCO2.

Kikai for original necklace mesh.
Alienslof for original necklace texture.
Petrovich for heart pendant mesh.
Luchaire for necklace items.