Blackrock Mountain by Vibliribland
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Added: 24/05/2006 - 03:58PM
Updated: 09/10/2009 - 12:14PM

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Last updated at 12:14, 9 Oct 2009 Uploaded at 15:58, 24 May 2006

Added info to the "Datafiles" window so you can see which version of the mod you got installed

V.2.7 I buffed up the whole clan of Blackrock, to better match in my opinion essential mods like OOO or Francesco's. This is to be considerd an neccesary uppdate to get.

V.2.6 Lower health uppdate, I lowerd the health of most encounters to make the fights a bit less time consuming and more hack and slashy =). I do hope they still kill you over and over again.

V.2.5 Uppdated Fatigue of all the enemies, So now it should be allot more Balanced for Hand to Hand combatants

2.4 Fixed the Sedor ruins bug once and for all.

2.3 I realized The Final boss of the Dungeon had a little to low drop chance. It is now allot higher which should add to the feeling of accomplishment when defeating him. I also added 2 new unique items to one of the loot tables. Happy hunting.

2.2 Edited a few minor things to make the dungeon more enjoyable.

2.1 Alterd Rend Blackhand Slightly to make the fight a bit more challanging and fun. As well as fixed a few floating stones in the Blackrock Mountain area.
2.0, name change to prevent people from losing progress. From now on the mods will be named 2.0 Final no matter how many uppdates there will be.

1.6 Fixed an obvious "seam" inside BRM, also did some balance changes.

1.5 Corrected a few spelling errors. Minor uppdate.

1.4 I've alterd some drop chances so that it's allot easier to find the unique loot. The Boss now have 100% drop chance. I've also alterd some fog levels and some item enchantments, as well as increased the strenght of the last level of the orcs (Fighter>Berserker>Myrmidon, etc)

1.3 This mod no longer keeps you from entering the Sedor Ruins just NW of The Blackrock Mountain.

1.2 The Conflicts where still there in 1.1 but are now completely gone thanks to Malifrax and his infinite wisdom =)

1.1 I greatly increased the drop chance of the bosses, so you will probably not go trough this dungeon without at least one unique item dropping.

This mod adds a new dungeon in the Jerral mountains close to the gutted mine.

Blackrock Mountain is an evil place inhabited by demon worshipping Orcs, lead by their Champion Rend Blackhand.

This is a very hard dungeon and the bosses should be next to impossible without the right use of your skills and spells and quite a few potions and scrolls.

So don't expect to just walk in and clear this dungeon.

I've made custom unique loot to this dungeon which all should have unique IDs (I've used unique names and always use a kod of numbers infront of the names so it shouldn't conflict with anything ever.)

Heroes who get to defeat the champion of Blackrock mountain and his grunts might look forward to some really really nice loot (Nothing imbalancing, I've tested it about 30 times and looked at all the other high end equipment)

Items to be found:
One full set of armor for each class archtype, Warrior, Assassin/Rogue Mage and Hunter (Bow, kiting that kind of character)

One unique weapon for pretty much each type, E.g Two handed sword, Two handed axe, Two handed mace, Dagger, Staff, One handed Axe and Bow.

This mod should be used together with my other two mods: Lair of the Hydra and The Tower of the Lich King. All three mods add Armor sets for each type of character, This one adds a Tier 1 set, Lair of the hydra adds a tier 2 set and The Tower of the Lich King adds the final Tier 3 set.

I haven't added any new looking armors or weapons or monsters just whats in the original TECS4. But I've used it to it's max so it should be very enjoyable.