GW Ayleid Dungeons by Gouziwiwi
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GW Ayleid Dungeons

Description :

This mod add two vanilla style Ayleid ruins Felmora and Asmarea.

Location :

Asmarea at south of Cheydinhal.
Felmora at north of Kvatch.

See screenshot for accurate description.

Requirements :

You need :

Oblivion & Shivering Isles up to date.

Installation :

Put the .esp file in your OblivionData directory.
Load Order : this mod only add stuff. The best is to put it at the end of the load ordrer.

Bug & Issues :

If you are using a mod that modify the same exterior cells as this mod you may not be able to play it without bug or gliitch.

Credits :

Boris Voronstov for Enb used in screenshot.
Nuska for Oblivion Character Overhaul used in screenshot.

Permission :

Free to use anyway you want.