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Last updated at 21:09, 19 Feb 2014 Uploaded at 23:10, 17 Feb 2014

A simple armor/weapon mod created to give endgame players a little more of an edge or for those people who like to bend the rules a little and bring destruction to the world. (Omod Ready)

This mod adds a new shop along with various new items, at the moment, mostly arrows. There is a Vendor by the name of Voltair. He'll teach you Hand To Hand combat as well as recharge and repair your items. Several of the items may seem overpowered in a way. However, seeing as you have to buy the items (Unless you cheat) the prices seem to balance it all out for the most part. The shop is located on the back wall inside the Imperial City Arena District. I highly suggest rethinking any ideas about stealing the items.

For those people that enjoy bending the rules, for whatever reasons they may be, the item chests are placed inside the building. You will have to jump near the wall and use ` to open the menu. Use the unlock command to make them accessible. I recommend taking a look at his other services before doing this seeing as he will turn hostile. There are two staffs, and several spells that can not be stolen, you'll need to purchase those.

This is my first mod and I am still pretty new at all of it. Any suggestions for item additions or other mod idea are welcome.