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Requires the latest version of Oblivion and the Shivering Isles official expansion. Not negotiable.

I will show you terror in a droplet of seawater.

Queen Majestrix Dorma

This started as my intent to adapt, for particular use, Capucine's beautiful Aquamer Race to Nuska's Oblivion Character Overhaul v2. The result was so different, so impressive and so mesmerizing that I realized I had created a new race indeed, an offspring of the Aquamer Race, even more abyssal than the original.

Hence I renamed it Abysmer and polished it. And decided to release it.

And here they are, in all their Megalodonic glory.

This is the second version of this mod, with reworked Racial Powers system, new Seamless Body meshes that almost wipe out the ever-present neck and body seams, new armors, new weapons and a hidden Outpost you can use as your base of operations. Be warned: this Outpost is for Abysmer Warriors only. Not only it's hidden, but it's protected by an enchanted door that will not open if you're not an Abysmer. If you are an Abysmer, you will know where it is located, just have a look at your map. If you're not an Abysmer, do not worry looking at your map, it will not be marked nor will ever be.

You... shall... NOT... pass. Trust me.

Unfortunately, the changes made make this version incompatible with a previous version character. Read the included User's Manual for a possible solution (not guaranteed).


Racial Stats:

Base Attributes (the same for male and female):

Skill Bonus:
Athletics 10
Alteration 10
Speechcraft 5
Restoration 10
Alchemy 10
Conjuration 5
Destruction 5

Powers and abilities:

Nature of the Abyss: Water Breathing, Resist Frost 75, Resist Shock 75, +500 Speed modifier when underwater.

Wounds of the Surface: Weakness to Fire 50 and Weakness to Poison 50.

Eye of the Abyss: Night Eye and Detect Life simultaneous, toggleable on and off.

Eel Kiss: Shock Damage 40 and Paralyze for 10 seconds on Touch.

Race Reactions:

Any other Abysmers: +10.
Orcs and Dark Seducers: +5.
Argonians, Bretons, Dark Elves, Imperials, Nords, Redguards and Wood Elves: -5.
Dremoras, Golden Saints and Khajiits: -10. I can’t stand Golden Saints, by the way.


Make sure you met the requirements.

Manual install: Take the downloaded file and unpack it to a temporary location. You will find two folders inside:

AbysmerV2Core. This is the Main Installation Package. Take the Data folder it contains and copy and paste it inside your main Oblivion Installation folder. Activate the esp. Enjoy.

AbysmerV2_HGEC_EBE_Patch. This folder contains the meshes and textures to convert the default Robert Female body and armor to the HGEC body, EBE version. Once you have installed the Core Package, take the Data folder contained in the Patch folder and copy and paste it inside your Oblivion Installation Folder. Allow to overwrite. This new Patch does not need a different esp file, it uses the same as the Core Package.

Once the Core and (if desired) Patch are installed, you will have the underwear, SFW version. If you want the Nude version, go to your

Data\Meshes\Characters\BodyAssetOverrides\PerRace\F\Nude or M\Nude

folder, take the meshes there, and copy them and paste in the corresponding F or M superior folders overwriting them. If you don’t want to overwrite the underwear meshes so you could restore them later, simply disable them first putting an “x” in the filename.

OMOD install: place the omod file in your obmm\mods folder. Open OBMM. Double click the Abysmer Playable Race 2.0. Once finished, install the HGEC Patch omod the same way.


Make a Clean Save. Not a clean shave.

Manual uninstallation:
Delete the Abysmer esp and look for and delete all the folders named “Abysmer” inside your Meshes, Textures and Menus\Icons folders, and all the Abysmer_ prefixed files inside your

Data\Meshes\Characters\BodyAssetOverrides\PerRace\F and M


Data\Textures\Characters\BodyAssetOverrides\PerRace\M and F

folders. Do not delete the very BodyAssetOverrides directories, they are used by other mods and you could screw up badly things if you delete them.

OBMM uninstallation: select the Abysmer mod and click "Deactivate". Look for any remnants it could have left over.


A new playable race, complete with own body meshes, textures, racial stats and powers and an inhuman, otherwordly appearance.

They're not "cute" Elves. They're not "beautiful" in the sense of Vogue.

They're beautiful in the sense of a Great White Shark, a Royal Eel, an abyssal creature. Because that's what they are.

I have used Blockhead's Body Asset Override function to give them unique bodies, independent from the game ones and the Body Replacers the player may have installed.

This means that, if you have an HGEC Female Big-breasted Body Replacer installed, Abysmer females WILL NOT PICK IT UP. They will show ALWAYS with the slender yet muscular Robert Female Body, specifically the A Cup Version made by Aridale. All skimpy and revealing clothes and armors will look weird on them because the Robert Body texture UV mapping.

Same for the males: they need Robert Clothes and Armors to properly show exposed skin.

This new version includes an HGEC Patch.

Refer to the User's Manual for a comprehensive list of features.


The following requirements are MANDATORY for this mod to work. The mod will fail to work and most likely cause CTD if not installed all of them:

Oblivion Latest Version
The Shivering Isles

Additionally, I recommend Robert Male and Female body and clothing/armor replacers for the skin UV mapping on clothes and armors. The naked bodies will show up properly even if RBM/F are not installed.

A great set of armor and clothes, revealing but yet elegant and totally fitting with the overall style of the Abysmer, is LittleBaron's Exotic Ayleid Armors. It's already for Robert Males and Females, and will work flawlessly with my mod, as seen in the pictures I've uploaded. This new version includes a set (and only a set) of this armors, fitted to the default Abysmer bodies.


Other than the clothed/armored skin texture incompatibility with Vanilla and HGEC-based bodies, this mod is totally compatible with everything else, or should be (but not with the original version of the Abysmer Playable Race).

I have added the Abysmer Race to Valen Dreth's taunting dialogue, so this Race mod doesn't need a Custom Race Fix to work with the Main Quest. Valen Dreth will taunt you and the Emperor will come to you and start the Tutorial.

Valen Dreth will call you "lizard" and "Argonian" in recorded dialogue, but this is not a bug. I can't re-record new dialogue files.

The subtitles, however, will be correct: Dreth will call you "herring" and "Abysmer".

This mod is 100% compatible with any Character Overhaul, even with Nuska's OCO v2, provided that you load Abysmer.esp BEFORE OCO.

This mod DOES NOT REQUIRE OCO to work. Nuska's assets included here are stored in the Abysmer folders, separate and independent from OCO's.


I have used a ton of original work and assets from many authors, as well as received help and advice from experienced modders. They are, in no particular order:

Capucine, creator of the original Aquamer Race. All her assets were used with explicit permission and she gave assistance and counsel in the making of this race.

Nuska, creator of the Head Meshes from OCO v2. Assets used under her Terms and Conditions, and explicit permission.

Ian Patterson, Stephen Abel, Paul Connelly, Madeesh Kannan and Zaldiir for the Oblivion Script Extender.

ShadeMe for the Blockhead plugin and the Construction Set Extender.

Junkacc11 for his Seamless Head version of Nuska heads. Used with explicit permission.

Throttlekitty for her Hair Pack. Used with explicit permission.

Geonox, Apachii, Maxim K. and Dustinflan for their SkyHair hair pack. Used with explicit permission.

Breeze for his Defined version of the Robert2 Male Body. Used under his Terms and Conditions.

Robert2 for his Female Body. Used under his Terms and Conditions.

Exnem, Raiar and MadCat221 for their Hentai Gentleman Eye Candy Body, Extra Buff Edition. Used under their Terms and Conditions.

Movomo for his Seamless versions of the aforementioned Bodies. Used with explicit permission.

LittleBaron for his Exotic Ayleid Armors. Used with explicit permission.

Jgreybear for his Ayleid Building Blocks. Used with explicit permission.

XxXEvandarXxx for his Prince Nuada Weapons. Used under his Terms and Conditions.

Alenet for the Abysmer Swift Swim script (yes, this mod does not use the Argonian nor the Sea Elf Swift Swim scripts, but a new, custom-made one) and his assistance in the scripting of the other effects.

Rooms for his assistance and tips and hints.

MrJLJ66, for giving me the idea of making the original, timed Eye of the Abyss and Eye of the Shark into toggleable abilities.

JohnyAlvez, Chakaru, SailorTaurus, Mirjan, Skeever, Maczopikczo, Taepal77, Papps for their support and friendship.

Lylium, creator of the first Abysmer character I have got the joy to met, Lady Attina.

Striker, and he knows why. I will not say more without my procurator being present.

And a very special thank you and credit and acknowledgement to Zanara, Kenmaster, BetrayalSeeker, ElaraFox, Serip, Katiecubed and all the people who downloaded and enjoyed the original release of these creatures. I hope this new iteration will please you too.

Bethesda Softworks for the Elder Scrolls Series.

And finally, but not less important, Robyn Scott and all the Nexus Sites Staff.

All of you who download and enjoy my mods, all mods.

This is for you all.



I can't give permission to use assets from this mod in your own. If you need some of the resources I used, please contact their respective creators and owners and ask them for permission, then download and use their original files.

You can't upload this mod anywhere. I can't give you permission because I am not the owner of the resources used. I have explicit permission to upload this mod ONLY ON THE NEXUS SITES.


The Construction Set Extended
Oblivion Mod Manager
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Game


USS Intrepid, my HP Pavilion rig. Lost in action on june, 2014.
USS Majestic, my Acer Travelmate laptop. Lost in action on june, 2014.

Trust always, Courage now, Loyalty forever.

You both will be dearly missed.