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Nicki, a very brave little companion can go most everywhere with you. He has a toggle Stay & Follow commands, & Summon Spell. He is Essential, Player owned, sneaks, will not yap, run from a fight, or turn on you after Friendly Hits. He will defend you to his death. He answers you (woof + Message) when he receives commands.

He is a little fox who is very brave & defends you with all of his little might as best he can. He is not a heavy duty fighter. He can hold his own distracting some of your attackers so that you do not become overwhelmed, but he really can use your help most of the time. He never yaps like a neurotic dog & is fast enough to keep up with a mount. He loves to be near you, but occasionally has trouble climbing the IC stairs, but not the Ayleid stairs. You can now chose to have the Healer's Spell or not.

To begin:

You will find Nicki the fox outside the IC Prison Sewer Exit where you enter the game proper. He is by the huge boulder to the right of you, as Tamriel loads. He may be hiding in the large bush there by the boat dock.

If you have numerous mods that give you starting announcements, it is best to wait to receive them, so that they do not obliterate Nicki's initial responses. Dispatching the local mudcrab may also be advisable if he attacks you.

You may choose to activate Nicki now, or later in the game. When you activate him you will receive his Summon Spell & he will be set to Follow Mode. If you want the Healer's Spell added to your spell list, activate the Healer's Yarn in the bottom of the boat by the Sewer Exit. It is a Lesser Power Targeted spell giving 50 points of Restore Health to the Target at a cost of 10 points. You may then sell or dispose of the yarn and the spell will remain. If you do not want the spell added to your spell list, do NOT activate the Yarn. Some of my other mods have this spell & you do not want to duplicate it.

If you appear later in the game, Nicki will still fully bond with you at that location, where he has waited all alone for his Ranger, who has been killed by the Emperor's assassins as he guarded the Sewer Exit for the Emperor's escape.


Oblivion with the Patch or the Oblivion GOTY version. SI is not necessary.


There should be no incompatibilities unless the shore by the IC Sewer Exit is altered.

Conflict with the IC Island Mod has been reported. You must temporarily uncheck that mod in the Loader 'Data File' before you choose 'Play' at the start of the game. Activate Nicki & move him away form the area changed by the IC Island Mod & save your game. If you want the Healer's Spell you must also activate the Healer's Yarn. Now you can Quit, recheck the IC Island Mod in the Data Files Launcher & choose to load that Saved game. You will now have BOTH Nicki & your IC Island Mod.

This mod has been tested with 173 other mods without a noticeable problems.


Version 1.0 is the initial version.

Version 1.1 Adds Sneak, makes the Healer's Spell stronger, & optional by adding it to yarn in the boat near the Sewer Exit, raises some of Nicki's stats and lowers a few.

Version 1.2 Stops various NPCs from making unprovoked attacks on Nicki. This was apparently a bug introduced by the CS since no changes could remedy the problem, only several from scratch remakes of the same mod with the same content has stopped this problem. If you have a prior version installed, you only need to replace the esp with this one.


Extract the archive to a temporary folder and check to see if you have
1. this Read Me ;-),
2. the RangersFoxV1_2.esp,
3. a Meshes Folder containing a creatures folder, which contains a dog folder that holds a single fox.nif file,
4. a Textures folder which contains a creatures folder that contains a fox folder that has fox.dds & fox_n.dds inside.

1. The esp goes into your Oblivion Game Data Folder.
2. The Meshes go in there also, & the little fox.nif file will need to have the address Data/Meshes/creatures/dog/fox in the Explorer Window when it is in the dog file in the game data folder.
3. The Textures folder will be in the Data Folder also, & the two little fox dds files will have the address Data/textures/creatures/fox, when they are in the fox folder in your game Data folder.

Save this Read Me somewhere for reference & ease of uninstall. Keeping a Desktop Folder for all of your Read Mes can be very helpful, especially if you note which files the mod adds & where (when the modder does not), or if you forget where to find something.

4. In the Oblivion game Launcher, where it says 'Data Files' at the Oblivion Start Up, & BEFORE choosing 'Play', Check the Box by the RangersFoxV1_2.esp.


1. Make a clean save in a cell where Nicki is not loaded.
2. Remove the esp,
3. Remove the fox.nif file, the two fox dds files & any EMPTY folders that you have installed yourself when you installed this mod. Never remove any folders being used by any other files or that were in your original un-modded game.


Zella by PM at The Nexus Forums at Oblivion Nexus. I will reply if possible, though I may not check my messages regularly.


The beautiful fox Meshes & Textures that make this such a beautiful & enjoyable mod are generously contributed by Mr_Siika.

Mojodajojo's wonderful 'Companion Rabbit Fufu' Mod inspired this mod & some of it's functions.

goranpaa for his unflagging encouragement, support, advice, testing & beautiful screen shots (the ugly ones are mine).

Maigret's for her "My Simple Creature Companion Tutorial" on TES Alliance which gave me the ability to make this mod.

Mei Ling, a truly advanced soul, for her love & guardianship.

Bethesda for a brilliant game that can be modified to suit so many players & has given so much enjoyment to so many gamers.


This mod is not to be uploaded anywhere else without asking me first.
The beautiful fox meshes & textures are generously given by Mr_Siika for the use of the modding community IF he is give proper credit.