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Once upon a time, in the midst of a mighty storm, three brothers, refugees from Skyrim, witnessed a curious omen in the skies. Believing that could only be a sign from gods who have taken pity on them and shown them where to go, they've settled on a high mountain top in Jeralls. Small community grew in time, their dwelling being called Thundercliff Sanctuary, fort, monastery, tower, and finally - Thundercliff Castle. Throughout the centuries, they have never forgotten their roots, and always provided shelter to people in need. But now, as the Oblivion crisis casts its shadow over Tamriel, you hear a rumor that Thundercliff Castle has been abandoned. What happened to its inhabitants? What trouble could have possibly forced them out of their sacred home? Find out what had exactly occured; restore the castle to its previous glory and claim it as your own abode.

NOTE: this is a work in progress! Since I have done just about everything I could myself, I'm publishing it in hope that someone will join me and finish it. Thundercliff Castle is a large, fortified home for the player that sits far north of Chorrol, roughly at the border of Cyrodiil, Skyrim and Hammerfell. The building itself (including all interactive features within) is finished, but I need help in making the quest for players to obtain the castle: creating NPCs, dialogs, journal entries, etc. I know next to nothing about Oblivion quests, and I guess I'm too busy/lazy to learn everything and do it on my own. If you are willing to take part in finishing this mod, write to me at e-mail given in the ReadMe!

Some features of Thundercliff Castle:

  • tons of safe storage, and many beds for sleeping;
  • almost all lights can be turned on or off by the player;
  • sorters for alchemy igredients, books, jewelry, dishes and miscellaneous items;
  • spellmaking / enchanting station and special ingredient mulitplier (not based on the vanilla archmagister's chest!);
  • teleporter to take you to all major cities of Cyrodiil and a spell to return home;
  • smelter to turn surplus equipment into raw materials (ingots); forge where you can make new armor and weapons; tanning rack to make raw leather, fur and leather armor;
  • you can also make teas that work as potions; bake your own bread, sweats and shepherd's pies; brew beer or ale and make wine;
  • all cells have path grids to help your guests/companions move around the castle.

For further information, consult the ReadMe!