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ZuTheSkunk's Shivering Isles Overhaul Patch

by ZuTheSkunk, migck, Zombiemold


This mod intends to correct what I viewed as bugs in ZuTheSkunk's Shivering Isles Overhaul mod as of version 0.111, and to make improvements when convenient. Overall I try to keep Zu's aim the same, with any change that would deviate from the initial intent of the mod separated into optional plugins.
This is a PATCH mod made with Zu's original mod as a master! As such, to use it you first need to download Zu's original mod, and load any files here after it.
The main file is ZUAMOPatch.esp, containing all of the changes listed below. The optional plugins, ZUSIO-xxx, contain the changes which mostly deviate from a bugfixing or improvement perspective, and as such are entirely optional.

A few scripts in this mod require OBSE, and a few even require v21 no less. Unless you have a very compelling reason not to, please use OBSE, and if you don't, don't use this file. I simply won't be juggling my sanity trying to adapt the work here to not use it.
These files use injected records into the ZUAmberMadnessOverhaul.esp whenever a new record needs to be used, as a result they are easily mergeable in Wrye Bash if using a CBashed patch. Using Wrye Bash and a bashed patch is VERY recommended, not just to merge this mod, but to lessen any conflicts that Zu's mod might have with any other mod you use through the bash tags. All files should be tagged adequately already, just make sure they load like:

In the optional files section you'll also find a package which contains meshes from the ZUAmberMadnessOverhaul.bsa that have been run through the NifToaster utility of the PyFFi program, to optimize them in various automated ways designed for Oblivion.

Main Patch file

For the ZUAMOPatch.esp file:

- Imported all changes and fixes found in the Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch, and from the Unofficial Oblivion Patch as well in some cases, which had no clear counterpart in Zu's file. Among these:
  • Corrected prices on tier 1 enchanted Amber and Madness arrows, and unenchanted Amber arrows.
  • Implemented a separate Count Cirion's Helmet for the Vitharn quest, much more difficult to accidentally unequip thanks to its special scripting.
  • A master disabler toggle for all the corpses and knight of order spawn points in Brellach and Pinacle Rock after the MQ is over.
  • Some fixes to dialog's conditions, text and result scripts.
  • Several fixes to a few NPCs in their package ordering, faction rank or scripting as per the UOP and USIP.
  • Fixes to a few quest stages' result scripts, including adding a cleanup quest to give the player ownership of the dukes' ownings after the MQ is over.
  • Gave a reach value to all the bows lacking one to avoid CTD if an NPC equips one.
  • Restoration of the order longswords' frost enchantments, and some other weapon stat corrections.
  • Corrections to the text in a number of books.
  • And some more.

- Also relevant to the above, made improvements to some parts of the Whom Gods Annoy quest related to the Everscamp Staff, now compliant with the UOP. A new static staff should now remain at Darkfathom Cave for the player to retrieve later.
- Removed madness and amber arrow loot from containers, which had a chance to output either none or 25 arrows of a single type. These arrows can now only be forged by the New Sheoth smiths.
- Fixed all scripts that gave random matrix-related loot in some containers and actors to not reset the addition counter in the OnLoad phase, only in the OnReset. Reason is OnLoad runs when the player leaves their cell and reenters, making the script readd the loot and allowing potentially unlimited loot.
- Fixed topic for forging a magic closed madness helmet giving an amber one instead.
- Lowered some of Jyggalag's stats from 255 to 200, to avoid them possibly overflowing back to 0.
- Staada and Dylora will now start in a Hostage faction so that order forces don't try to kill them in their prison cells.
- Improved ALL scripts on knights of order, saints and seducers to:
  • Correct the part about them stopping combat if their opponent was in a common faction, since many mods use dummy factions on all actors and this halted combat. Saints will only stop against other saints, seducers only against other seducers.
  • Remove all instances of spell dispelling whenever a Demoralize effect was cast at them. Instead, a very advanced OBSE event handler now takes care of that part, dispelling only the individual effect and not all spells. It also takes care of Jyggalag, the Staff of Madness now works against him.
  • Remove all health resetting from OnHitWith order weapons blocks. Same as above, a simple OBSE event handler is set filtered for all order weapons, and knights will reset their health when hit by them.
- Fixed severe scripting issues on Vitharn's ghost weapons. They should no longer cause a complete script hangup whenever a ghost drops them to the ground, and can be picked up by them. This is kind of the main reason for using this mod.
- Fixed scripts on Amber and Madness staves' enchantments to properly damage health and magicka instead of permanently draining it, and to account resistance to magic.
- There are other changes to scripts, but they are generally minor enough.
- Fixes to spells:
  • Set to constant effect abilities a few which were incorrectly set as spells with no duration.
  • Removed any instance of elemental shields in abilities since these cause bugged armor ratings on NPCs. Replaced them with the corresponding shield + elemental resistance effects.
  • Got rid of some buggy bound weapon effects for knights of order which were poorly thought of in vanilla to begin with. Those knights use regular order weapons anyways.
  • Some spell flags improvements to make them what I consider more more consistent: set the Ruin bow's effects to be on touch to not miss underwater targets, set some powers to be immune to silence, set some spells to lesser powers to avoid dispeling.

- Reverted changes to the leveled spell lists for the summoned flesh atronach and hunger spells, since it seems they were misinterpreted in how they work. An entry's level in leveled spells list is not the NPC's level to use the spell, but his skill level in the spell's magic school necessary for the spell to roll.

Optional Plugin files

The various ZUSIO-xxx.esp files are entirely optional, they alter some things from the mod which I viewed as problematic or might cause trouble to some users. Here's a brief description of what each one does:

Comments the script piece that teleports Ushnar's Dog to the player whenever they become separated. I viewed it as a bit jarring since I use other mod to take care of that, but being controlled in a Zu's mod script meant that it couldn't be overriden by any such mod.

A heavy handed approach to getting rid of cases of 'googly eyes' you may be suffering in Zu's overhaul, since I'm not knowledgeable about why that happens. Thus, you should only use this if you suffer from such a problem! If you do, try using the Bashed patch's race patcher first before resorting to using this file.
  • Ordered, Saint and Seducer eyes have been reverted to vanilla textures.
  • Dark Seducers and Golden Saints have been reverted to use the standard eye mesh. So has Dyus' race from Zu's mod (bearded Imperial).
  • The few NPCs that used Zu's duplicate races for the new eyes now use their original race, and vanilla eyes: Cutter, Dumag gro-Bonk, Obam gro-Barrag and Sweeps-The-Floor.

Lowers the challenge present in some of Zu's changes, namely:
  • Hungers have greatly lowered stats, with a 60% or so HP reduction and manageable fatigue and magicka, have a slight weakness to shock instead of being immune to it, and the length of their spells has been reduced. They are still much tougher than in vanilla.
  • Halved HP on Scalons as well, and reduced their magicka.
  • The Gatekeeper also had its health reduced 60%, and has a manageable fatigue amount. Still a very hard fight for a low level character, since in Zu's mod the highest level version is always used.
  • Lowered health bonuses on some boss fights from 1000 to 500, from 3000 to 750, or from 6000 to 1500.
  • Nerfing of the final battle. Only four Elite knights of Order will assist Jyggalag instead of 10, and they stay dead for 15 seconds instead of three.
  • Magic buffs on knights, saints and seducers nerfed from giving a 100 pts bonus to armor and weapon skills, to only 25 pts, which is still plenty, but shouldn't make them killing machines from level 1 and get out of whack with uncapper mods.

Should prevent Zu's mod from automatically upgrading to the player's level the amber, madness, and obelisk gears that the smiths craft, or any upgrading for that matter. My reason being, these items are crafted by the smiths for which you need to get them raw materials. If they also upgrade to your level as you progress, it makes collecting raw materials pointless sooner than expected: your gear is going to upgrade on its own, so you only need to craft them once. That is also true if you craft them at a high enough level, but if playing the mod from a low level you can justify revisiting the smiths for gear upgrades by reforging them with new raw materials.
Ideally I'd like a whole redesign of the crafting concept in SI, but I work with what I have.
For unique weapons like Nerveshatter and such which perhaps should upgrade to the player's level as he progresses, I recommend to use AULIAS instead, an OBSE mod which takes special care of that.
This is implemented as a quest script stopping all upgrader quest scripts from running. Any time you want to change that, type in the console 'startquest ZUSEUpdaterControlQ'.

Further Plans

Unfortunately I don't really have any at the moment, even though I reckon there are still things which perhaps could be improved. This file was actually done a long time ago (2011 maybe), but we lost interest at some point and I just left it to stew in my load order. Only recently did I decide to push it for release, given that I've lost interest in Oblivion but have stuff lying around which might otherwise never benefit mankind (pfff...), so here you have the result: I'm no longer too keen on the details of what this mod fixes or changes, but I'm confident that it's good enough.
If you have any ideas or suggestions to improve what's offered, feel free to post them, and I might get to implementing them. Just remember that being a scripter extraordinaire :P I have somewhat a grasp of what's possible and what not in regards to scripting... and that being a lazy bum I might just not feel like doing it anyway. Apologies in advance.

Credits and Legalese

ZuTheSkunk, for making a damn fine Shivering Isles Overhaul, and some other kickass mods as well.
Zombiemold for setting this in motion.
The OBSE Team for giving us the tool to make my wildest Oblivion dreams come true.

Considering that I'm not too interested in this project anymore, and that I was never too protective of stuff I do for free anyway, I say you can do whatever you want with this project. I just ask that you regard the permissions concerning Zu's mod, since this is derived from it after all.