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CM Partner Ryan

A TES IV: Oblivion Companion Mod by Ike Coast

And finally he is here.

The one that started the red-headed crowding on Cyrodiil, the one that started my critically acclaimed series of CM Partners, my very first Companion Character.

And the worst.

No, really, Ryan is the worst created of all my Companions. When I modelled him, I hadn't got the faintest idea about AI and stuffed his brain with so much conflicting packages that he ended up being completely unreliable in-game. The most recognisable of Ryan's features is that once and again he will disappear on his own and won't return until he has the nerve to.

For a long time, I was bewildered and wondered why he acted like this, until Striker explained all about AI packages and told me how to fix Ryan. I did and the new version of Ryan was a full working Partner.

But I had already fell in love with the little bastard and instead of replacing him with the new, improved version, I used this one to create Alroy, Ryan's twin brother.

Ant then came Cethlenn, their sister, and Dillion, their little brother. Later came Finlan and Nesure, who may or may not be blood-related to them, who knows.

So, summarizing:

DO NOT DOWNLOAD RYAN if you want a well-developed Companion character. Pick up Alroy or any of the other Carrotheads instead.

I'm releasing Ryan because my friends here at the Nexus feel curiosity about him and I like this, I would like other people meeting Ryan, partnering with him and enjoying the happiness of seeing how in the middle of a fight to the death with a horde of creatures from the Netherrealms, the son of a --beep-- just turns back and calmly walks away, whistling.

Now, a warning:

I have assembled two versions of Ryan: the Vanilla one, the original, with no customisation apart from his face geometry and texture, suitable for everybody, with no requirements nor dependencies, and the Deluxe Version (the same I am using nowadays).

The Deluxe version is tricky. You need to have, in addition to CM Partners Basic Mod, Robert's Male Body Replacer v5 (v4 works too), AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, the Lapiz Hair Pack created by Lapiz Lazuli and converted to Oblivion by legendary modders Maxim K. and Dustinflan. Additionally, Deluxe Ryan comes with his own, eye-candy body texture and a custom leather armor. This armor is a quick mash-up and retexture I messed in a hurry, don't expect something taken out from the Cibeles Fashion Week. Geez.

The Lapiz Hair Pack is only available at Max and Dustin's site. The link and instructions are provided in the Readme. DO NOT GRAB THE DELUXE VERSION unless you really understood what I just told you. If in doubt, download and install the Vanilla Version.

Installation instructions:

Vanilla Version: comes in BSA format. Just stuff the cmRyan.esp and cmRyan.BSA inside your Data folder and checkmark the esp in your Mod Manager or Launcher. I don't know if it can be done through NMM so don't ask me.

The Deluxe version, on the contrary, is in the standard, OBMM and Wrye Bash-friendly, folders version. No clue if it's also NMM-friendly. Again, don't ask me, matey.

Well, mateys, that's all. This mod is intended, actually, as an in-joke for my friends (you know who you are, dudes and gals, I love you) and not for mass consumption. I warned you, now do whatever you want, folks.

About the Screenshot Galore:
Except one of them, all the pictures are of the Deluxe Version. The clothes (created by Room207) ARE NOT INCLUDED. The katana (one of the must-have Insanity Sorrows) IS NOT INCLUDED. All that is included is the sleeveless black leather cuirass and the black leather pants. Oh, and the iron boots. And no, the red thong is NOT INCLUDED. Everything is available here at the Nexus, just pry on Room207's profile and you'll find all of it.

Now the Thank You Festival:

The resources used for the DeLuxe Version come from the Male Body Replacer v5 by Robert2 (base textures, body and face) and Natural Males by Taelyn2 (PSD resource file for body hair). Ryan's green eye texture is from Nuska's Oblivion Character Overhaul v1.2. All those assets and resources are explicitly free for use and redistribution. So, a big applause for Robert, Taelyn2 and Nuska. Standing ovation, please. I've got a shotgun and I'm not afraid of using it.

Big thanks to the Cutthroat Mods team for creating it and allowing me to play Victor Frankenstein with it. The things I've done with CMPartners Mod. You wouldn't believe.

Big thanks to ALL OF YOU, who encouraged me, taught me, stood me and rolled your eyes at me. I love you.

Big thanks to Bethesda for giving us this brave new world.

And big thanks to Robin Scott and all the crew of the Starship Nexusmods for allowing us to boldly go where no modder has gone before.


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By downloading and installing this mod, either version, you Formally Agree to Not Whining if having Ryan in your Companions Crew turns your life into a living nightmare.