Summon The Rats by DimensionLord1
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Summon The Rats
By DimensionLord1

Do you like rats? Do you like summoning things to tear enemies to pieces? If so this mod is for you. I Created this some time after completing the game Dishonered due to a sudden bolt of inspiration.

Mod description:
This adds a spell inspired by Dishonered

Other info:
The Spell when used will summon 10 vicious rats.
The rats are smaller to prevent them from getting in your way.
The rats have low health but do about 35 damage.
They sometimes surround foes which means they cant really run.
To aquire the spell simply use the console command “coc testinghall” to go to the testinghall. THEN PICK UP THE PLAGUE STONE AND THE SPELL IS ADDED TO YOUR SPELL LIST.