Blissful Home - A Bliss House Mod by Rue Ryuzaki
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Added: 23/01/2014 - 01:20AM
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So, what does this mod do, you ask? Well I'll tell you what it does. You know the quest "Falling Awake"? Well, if you do, you know how that quest ends. Basically, this mod makes it so that Amiable's house is set to "player owned", and when that quest is completed, the key to his house will be added to you inventory, and as a bonus, the house will be renamed to "My Bliss House"(And the upstairs will be renamed "My Bliss House Upstairs). Now, for those who know, there are two ways to "procure" a bedroll for Amiable, one is with blood, the other through negotiations. This mod doesn't really change the quest, so unless you want to live with a crazy beggar, you'll have to kill him(I just pretend he went completely crazy and ran out of the city and got killed by a grummite or something). Plus, this mod also changes the furniture around in Amiable's house a little bit, since his home isn't really well furnished. Nothing major, and the architecture is exactly the same. I just threw in a dresser or two, a few chests, a desk, some display cases cases, and some mannequins stands(Just the stands, use your preferred mod for mannequins if you like, or don't if you'd rather not). I also cleaned up a little downstairs, bunch of cobwebs, and the table was all messy.