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IMPERIAL MANOR - Museum Storage & Supply House (v0.9.2)


"On the north side of City Isle, along the road, sits a dusty old Manor House that once served as a thriving Museum Storage and Supply business. Simply known by the locals as 'Imperial Manor,' for decades it sat heavily guarded and undisturbed. Then one day, in a great uproar, the owner took all his precious artifacts, armors and mannequins, and left with the majority of his staff...

No one knows why the owner abandoned his proud estate so suddenly and without word, but bandits from Sinkhole Cave have been spotted snooping about the outside premises in pairs and trios. The Imperial Watch want nothing to do with it and usually steer clear of the area. And the Office of Imperial Commerce refuses to comment on the situation, though there might be some rumor...

If you're in the underground circles, the local thieves won't touch the place, saying even were it not for the bandits, there probably wouldn't be anything left worth filching, saying that old Ebnius Scranificus was as materialistic as he was merciless against thieves. Once, a desperate thief tried to steal a few pieces of silverware. When captured by the guards the owner had one of the thief's hands broken and then threw him out onto the road on his rump. And so was the legacy of Ebnius Scranificus."


  • Bandit siege quest with multiple strategies and staff loot/disable bodies option
  • Staff (All) command functions (ex: call a meeting from any one staffer)
  • Various room deco & lighting overhauls/rebalancing
  • (you can now only get the Loft & Well keys by beating certain quest stages)
  • (TRACK mod to be notified for further pending updates)
  • (see change log for more)

You should be able to safely upgrade an existing save, but make a new save first. Speak to the guard about "bandits" again and that should open up the {quest} topic. If you already got the Well and Loft keys then you will win them again at different stages in the quest through dialogue with certain staff members. Some rooms have upgraded decor but no containers were changed, so anything you might have stowed should be safe.


Imperial Manor is an extensive companion-friendly player home. It provides a compelling and realistic setting to display and store your items and mannequins while providing room and board for up to ten companions by default. You can also unlock extra rooms to decorate yourself using mods like "Imperial Furniture Renovated" (conveniently located right down the north bank). Timed inside and outside window lights and light-beams enhance the experience whether you're using the "All Natural" version or not. Wake and slumber as your new home lives and breathes with the outside weather and day/night cycle.

Four House Staff members are also on hand eating, sleeping, bathing, and performing their various functions throughout the day. Use each of their three different clothing containers to control what they wear for different tasks. Start the optional quest to unlock their special 'staff meeting' functions.


  • strategic introductory quest for higher access (optional)
  • backstory/dialogue regarding the Manor (talk to the staff)
  • day/night scheduled flames and window lights (torches and candles)

  • 12-cell home based on the Blackwood Company building set
  • includes two basement areas, two tower sections, and a Green House
  • scripted window lights with sun & moon beams for day/night effects
  • outside views for "All Natural" users + heavy and light rain types
  • 5 available bedrooms with double beds for up to 10 companions
  • includes a Bath House and a large basement common area for all your companions to eat, train, and mingle
  • ample variety of realistic storage, displays, and mannequin stands with rooms to expand on
  • some areas have been left bare for you to decorate with "Imperial Furniture" or any mod you like
  • all fully path-gridded areas

  • 4 NPC merchant-type house staff with complete daily and some random packages
  • sleep, swim, and daily wear containers for 4 staff members (2 male, and 2 female) -- personally outfit your own House Staff
  • linked staff command functions unlocked
  • schedule item enables map markers only when carried

  • compelling exterior premises with a landing pad for flying mounts (or whatever you want)
  • some light % chance spawns around outside nearby (vanilla)
  • 1 new Imperial Watchman on patrol around City Isle (quest-related, optional)




OBMM-ready, otherwise extract and drop into your Oblivion Data folder and check the .esp.


Go to the north side of IC Isle during the day, near Sinkhole Cave. Befriend the guard outside during the day and keep talking with him until he lets you "Stay". Just wait around a bit if he's not there.

To start the quest, speak to the maid to unlock the "Bandits" topic and then go back to the guard and speak to him about it. Then start looking for the "{quest}" topics.

(Additional and more detailed info can be found in the file archive complete readme and the readme tab on the mod page.)