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Lunas New Jewelry

** If you enjoy this, please post screenshots **

This adds some new necklaces for your characters to wear. There are two styles for each pendant, one with a long chain and one with a short chain. There are ten pendent designs for a total of 20 new necklaces.

These are not meant to be lore friendly, and have a decidedly modern feel to them. The shorter chain sits closer to your skin than the vanilla amulets, and so might clip with bulkier clothing choices. Sorry for that, but I can't stand the way the vanilla amulets are just floating above your neck and not touching you. These fit like a real necklace would.

The mod adds the new jewelry to a purple gift box in the testing hall. It is right next to the door to HawkHaven, and very close to were you will teleport in. To get there open the console with ~ and type "coc testinghall" without the quotes and you will teleport there. To get out go through the door to HawkHaven and fast travel from there. The box will respawn if you ever need more.

These are packaged in a playable mod, but are also intended as a modder's resource. Please use the necklaces however you want, but you must credit me and the people in my credit list. Please tell me if and how you are using my jewelry. Enjoy!

** Version 1.5 - Octopus Update **

Version 1.5 adds two new pendant textures for a total of 20 necklaces. The new necklaces have octopi on them, hence "Octopus Update". I think they are awesome, but I realize that it's a little weird. Hurray for Octopi!

** Version 2 **

Version 2 adds 11 new pendant textures and 22 new necklaces. There are new variations on the rose pendant, clock pendants, gothic themed pendants, and a new cameo. There is now a grand total of 42 new necklaces.

** Important Note **

In the pictures of my character wearing two necklaces, the choker is part of the outfit and not included in this mod. Sorry, I wish I could include them, but I don't have permission to release those. However, if I can get permission for all the bits and pieces, I will release a mod of some of the outfits in the pictures. Wish me luck on that one... :)


KURESE for the disk part of the necklaces
Sinblood for the long chain
Xiamara for the short chain, metal texture, and black pearl texture