Ever Glory Farm - CM Partners Mod Basic Required by Sarah Lynn
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Before I begin I'd just like to state that I haven't had much time to actually test this mod, so if you find any bugs please tell me and I'll fix it.

This mod adds a player home farm that adds a vast amount of CM partners, like, it's ridiculous, I might have went a tad overboard. EVERY single living being on this farm is a CM partner.

CM Partners included in this mod:
Shep the German Shepard and Shep Jr, his son
Weeble, the tabby cat
A ram and two sheep
Caramell the horse
Duncan the donkey
Burt the Ox
Blossom and Claudia, cows
Joey the calf
Pudgy Piggy, Mrs Piggy, Wobble, Lil' Piggy, pigs
Robbin Rooster, 6 hens, and 4 chicks
Tony and his little sister Tulip, Imperials/Bretons
Nipper the rat

LOCATION: North of Kvatch, it's already marked on your map.

CM partners Mod Basic

Useful Farm Animals for COBL ver 2 (The Chicken Den seen in screenshots.)
Lunas Lorefriendly Middle Class Clothes
Lunas Lorefriendly Elegance

I'd love to say you can go ahead and use any part of this mod that you'd like but, you can't. Most of it isn't mine. If there's any part of this mod that you want, it'll be listed in resources, just grab that.
Unless it's the eyes or faces(cept the same rules for the head06 resource still applies for the faces, considering all I did was add freckles and give Tulip eyeliner.) on Tony or Tulip, or the textures for Shep, Weeble, or Caramell, then go wild.

Japanese Pond by ra5946
Strotis static meshes Saddle by stroti
Strotis rustic pieces by stroti
Momos Hanging Cloths Resource by Momo77
Coolsims Hair Pack by Lucha and Anto
Head06 Resource Pack by throttlekitty
1_4 Mr_Siikas farm animals by mr_siika and CorePC

1_4 Mr_Siikas farm animals by mr_siika and CorePc: credits go to the entire NWJ Team, for their support in the making of those creatures. The rest (including textures, but apart from parts of the cow body mesh - got it from katzzero) by mr_siika. Sounds have been made by Ssenkrad and CorePc (if somebody else was involved, please notify me and I'll add him/her.)
Head06 Resource Pack by throttlekitty:
throttlekitty - Model, facegen customization, textures, etc.
CapsAdmin - 'Male' and 'Female' additional texture resources, feedback, testing, advice.
Scanti - Conformulator, tools for 010 Editor.
Luchaire - .egt file and Eyelash texture.
jclyde6108 - The original Eyelash model which the Head06 eyelash is derived.
NifTools Crew - .nif Editing tools.
AlienSlof - Fit Eyelashes for Xivilai head.