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Last updated at 23:01, 15 Jan 2014 Uploaded at 23:01, 15 Jan 2014

This mod increases all melee weapons damage to make you kill (and be killed) faster,

The thing that pisses me off with vanilla Oblivion the most is that the combat goes on for so long, and an enemy can heal himself/herself/itself faster than you can take him/her/it down with a warhammer.

This mod changes that by increasing the damage of all one handed weapons 5 times and all two handed weapons 10 times, in conjunction with that I've also increased all shields armour value 2 times, so a shield is now the piece of equipment that gives you the most armour (seems fair to me since that is the only piece of equipment you can only use with certain weapons).

This mod also gives weapon materials some form of attributes:
Iron, steel and silver all have standard speed values.
Fine steel weapons are the second fastest.
Dwarwen is slightly slower
Elven is the fastest
Glass is normal
Ebony is slower
Daedric is very slow

As for arrows flight speed it's a bit different:
Iron arrows are the slowest
Steel is faster
Silver is the second fastest
Dwarwen is slower than steel but not as slow as iron
Elven is the fastest
Glass is as fast as silver
Ebony is as slow as dwarwen
Daedric is slightly faster than Ebony and dwarwen

Now, to balance this with the other elements of the game I suggest the HTHAdvanced mod by sinkpoint as I havent increased the damage hand to hand attacks do.

To balance this with the magic elements of the game I suggest Supreme Magicka by Strategy Master, and then use the ini file to increase the potency of all magic attacks 2.5 times.

Keep on your toes, think, adapt. And you will find fortune in this dangerous world aswell.

Good luck!