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Trails of Cyrodiil Merged
now with town/road signs at entry points.

In real life, forests, plains, swamps, meadows, vacant lots, etc, we see trails.
There are not very many in the game. So, to add a bit of realism, I made a few.
Since my character does not fast travel, nor ride a horse, I did the trails with
foot traffic in mind. Faster horses can be injured in places, and parts of the
East trail can be fatal if the horse goes off the cliff ledge. You have been warned,
so don't cry and complain if injury or death happens to your character or horse.

If you have tall grass in your game, it may obscure parts of the trails.
You may have to turn the grass off or use a low poly grass mod (or both).
A town/road sign and two yellow-gold bushes mark each trail entrance.
Each trail has a few campsites left by other travelers. Use them if you need to.
And, by following the trails, you may discover places you didn’t know existed.

And now, for the first time, all the Trails of Cyrodiil are merged so you do not
have to use a number of esps to have all of them.
If you do not want all the trails, singular trail esps are still available.
Links are near the bottom of this read me.

There may be conflicts with mods that change the landscape, and any isolated
building mods the trails may go through. There are compatibility patches for
the single trail esps, and may work with Trails of Cyrodiil Merged.
Get it here, just in case:
Also, mhahn123 has done patches for Trails conflicts, plus many other mods.
You might want to look at his profile to see his work.

I could not get Trails of Cyrodiil Merged to show on the map, so a jpeg is included
as a reference if needed. The entry points are easy to see along the roads.

One of the esps is for "UL Colovian Highlands", one is for people that do not have
the modification. Use either "Trails of Cyrodiil Merged Vanilla" or
"Trails of Cyrodiil Merged UL Colovian HIghlands ". Do not use both.

There are only esp files, so an installer in not really needed.
Unzip to location of choice, move trail esp files to Oblivion data folder;
activate esp in game launcher of your choice. Uncheck to deactivate.
Delete esp when you don't want it.
Feel free to use esp file as bases for expansion or for your own projects,
but I would appreciate credit for my work.
Thanks to
Carah and Antonio for doing test runs, walks, merge work, etc;
Bethesda for making Oblivion,
DarkOne for having Nexus where this was uploaded,
afonik for suggesting the merge,
and to you for downloading and hopefully enjoying the trails.

For those of you that may not want all trails, the esp files for the
separate trails can be found here:
Trails of Cyrodiil has esps for West, Central, East, and Southeast
Trails of Cyrodiil - Colovian Highland has only that trail, both vanilla and UL.
Trails of Cyrodiil - North Short Cut is shorter route between Bruma and Cheydinhal.
Trails of Cyrodiil - Bleaker's Way gives a trail from the main road to that small village.

And, if you want, you can take a look at my other two Ovlivion Mods:
Load Screens. My first mod...changes text of load screens.
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