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CMPartners Finlan and Nesure

From the far and remote islands east of the Telvanni Isles, in the Province of Morrowind, a pair of adventurers came to the Imperial City searching for... something.

Who are they, why have they made the long journey so far from their home? What or who are they looking for? Rumors spread that they have something in common with four red-haired outsiders that came to Cyrodiil one year ago. Well, these two new outlanders are too red-haired. And the girl looks suspiciously like the human girl. I suggest asking their respective parents.

I originally created them some months ago as "models and pin-ups" for my OCO v1 gameplay and screenshooting, and came to like them so much that I decided to share with all of you. And here they are.

Name: Nesure (her) and Finlan (him).
Race: Nuskified Dark Elves (Dark Elves with head mesh and texture from Nuska's OCO v1). They're regular Dunmers, no Race assets changes made.
Class: Warrior
Level: PC level offset -1.
Equipment: Complete armors (see "Resources and Credits"), swords and shields (one each, see aforementioned Section).
Location: Imperial City Prison District. Don't want to know what the Hell are they doing there.
Surprises included: Horrifying Glow In The Dark Eyes. I do LOVE to scare the sh*t out of you, mateys.


Oblivion with latest patch.
CMPartners Basic Mod

No other mods required. Using a Body Replacer is optional.


I decided to pack the files in BSA format for an easier installation and uninstallation. This way, you don't need to meddle with mod managers nor copypasting lots of folders nor will you have a mess of files scattered all around. Just take the esp and corresponding BSA and put both inside your Data Folder.

Finlan and Nesure will not interfere nor conflict with each other. You can use one or both of them, safely. They even spawn in different spots of the Prison District.


Using either Oblivion Launcher or your Mod Manager of choice, activate the esp (or esps) you picked up, go to Imperial City Prison District and meet them there. If you at first don't see them, just follow the trail of blood, corpses and internal organs scattered there. Nah, just kidding.


I have made this mod as compatible and bug-free as I could, but if something slipped under the carpet (something slimy, moist, green, disgusting...), just tell me.


Body mesh: vanilla. Thanks, Bethesda. However, I have designed Nesure and Finlan to look better using Robert2's Body Replacers.

Head mesh: Nuska, taken from OCO v1. No words on world suffice to thank you for everything, mylady.

Nesure's Hair Mesh and Texture: Throttlekitty. I'm addicted to this short layered, smooth and sweet style. Hugs and kisses, you mischievous young lady.

Body textures: vanilla, idem.

Face and Eye Textures: Nuska, taken from OCO v1. Again, thank you. It's easy for me to mod once you have done all the hard work, ma'am.

Armor meshes and textures: The armors are from the Unrepentant Archer Mod created by Brash. I have rebuild them as follows:

Nesure's Court Armor: cuirass and greaves by Nuska (from her Protective Female Armors, Ebony Armor) for female, and vanilla Ebony Armor for male. Boots and gloves vanilla meshes. All the textures are by Brash.

Finlan's Sturdy Armor: vanilla Iron Armor cuirass and leather graves, fitted by me to be slenderer and stylisher for male. Nuska's Protective Female Iron Armor for female. Boots and gloves vanilla. All textures by Brash.

Sword mesh and textures: Vanilla. Silver, I think.

Shields meshes and textures: they come from outer space. No, really, they come from the Skyrim Gubbins resource pack by Alasdair and the Skyrim for Oblivion Project

Of course, a gazillion thanks to Blackie for the CMPartners mod. There are other Companion Systems out there, but I'm sticking with CMP. Period.


This mod is not my sole and only property, because I used so many resources. So, if you like what you see and want to use those armor and weapons on your mod, don't aske me: go and grab the original resources, and pay their creators the respect they deserve.

And do not, ever, upload this mod elsewhere outside of TESNexus without my permission. Don't even think about it. I know where you live.

Tools used:

- TESConstruction Set and TESConstruction Set Extender
- NifSkope
- Blender (the software, not the shake-maker)
- The Gimp
- TES4Files
- mTES4
- Hand-rolled cigarettes, wathever drinkable I found in the fridge, and lots of hours stolen to sleeping.


PD: could somebody tell me how to make a fancy Description Page with fonts and colors and images and all? I haven't got the faintest idea. Plz.