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Attention! This mod here is from a few years back, when I was still learning how things work and testing out all sorts of things. In its current state, the mod is NOT USABLE. It is here if you want to try it, but in its current state, I would not even use it myself. And that is a fact. A new version is planned, and I have been building small pieces of it every now and then, but it will not be finished for quite some time, might even take a year. In the meanwhile, DO NOT USE THIS MOD WITH YOUR MAIN SAVEGAME. Do not use it at all. I really mean it. Wait for the new version if you want to, but use another Battlehorn Castle mod until the new version is finished. Apologies and thank you.

Battlehorn Castle Refined is my personal attempt to make Battlehorn Castle a bit more interesting, but it is also something for me to learn modding with. Therefore, it might contain bugs and will not be of professional quality. Before trying your luck with this mod, I truly recommend having a look at the other Battlehorn Castle mods here on the Nexus.

The mod features an expanded exterior, new interior areas, a few new NPCs and a winery business that provides some income. New areas include the North Wing, Wizard's Quarters, Chapel, Barracks and a Treasury. I have also modified the Master Bedroom, East Wing and Great Hall a little. The blacksmith, Niels, will now barter. He will have a selection of arrows and repair hammers for sale. The buying of upgrades has been changed to work through dialogue with the steward and you can also buy new guards and horses, collect your profits and toggle the repeated marauder attacks through him. There is also an ini file included that can be used to adjust the amount of profits and the time between the repeated attacks.


  • Fighter's Stronghold DLC
  • The Unofficial Oblivion Patch
  • The Unofficial Official Mods Patch
  • Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE)

Weather - All Natural is recommended, but not required.
Elys Universal Silent Voice is recommended, but not required.

And while the mod works without it, you might want to download Mythic Dawn Armor 1st Person Fix by DungBeetle. As it says in the title, it fixes the invisible hands in first person when wearing the Bound Mythic Dawn Armour.

Installation & Removal

This mod might require a clean save without both DLCBattlehornCastle.esp and DLCBattlehornCastle - Unofficial Patch.esp (and the mod itself if updating from an older version). It would seem that the mod has to be activated at the same time as the other related plugins. This would appear to be due to some interior objects not being modified properly if the player has ever visited Battlehorn Castle. Also the quest and NPCs have been modified a little, making them, too, a possible source of issues. A clean save would seem to be the only solution to this issue. You are free to try without a clean save and if everything works, it works (but please do not post comments full of hatred if it does not).

Remember to back up your savegames before installing! And it would seem that some objects are stored in save games so I am not sure what will happen to doors, trophy bases, the quest, NPCs and items along with other objects once the mod is uninstalled. Please remember this while considering whether to use this mod or not.

You may install this mod and set load order however you wish, although a mod manager would be recommended. The files that come with this mod need to end up in your ...Oblivion\Data folder. To uninstall this mod, remove all items from the castle, go elsewhere (to Chorrol, for example) and save the game. Then remove the files that came with this mod from your ...Oblivion\Data folder. Do note that you will most likely also need to make a clean save without the official Battlehorn Castle mod, as well, for this mod makes extensive modifications to it, and it may therefore not work properly before a clean save.

Load order could be something like this:
Unofficial Oblivion Patch.esp
DLCBattlehornCastle - Unofficial Patch.esp
Battlehorn Castle Refined.esp

Known Issues & Bugs

See the bugs section of the mod page for bugs. The bugs section tab is right next to the comments section tab. Should you find any bugs or something else that clearly should not be there, do be so kind as to report it in the bugs section. It might also be a good idea for people considering whether to use this mod to see what bugs have been reported.


Incompatible with mods that modify Battlehorn Castle
Completely compatible with Weather - All Natural, including rain visible through windows
Compatibility patch available for Servant of the Dawn (may not actually be necessary)
Compatibility patch available for Verona House Bloodlines
Compatibility patch available for Tona's Mods Store
Compatibility patch available for AFK Weye
Compatibility patch available for The Golden Crest

Compatibility patch for this mod and Medieval Oblivion Balance System (MOBS) has been made by CarlosS4444.
It can be found here: MOBSification of MODS


Bethesda for Oblivion and Construction Set
The creators of Oblivion Script Extender
The creators of TES4Edit
shadeMe for the Construction Set Extender
FragmentaryHorcrux for brilliant ideas and advice
CarlosS4444 for MOBS patch, ideas and advice
jrugerstein for inspiration and everything with the Battlehorn symbol on it
Stroti for various quality resources
Meo for various quality resources
Lady Nerevar for paper resources
Lazarus for top quality weapon resources
Garak for bookset resources
Vacuity for "rain boxes"
RileyMarks for the handy static dishes
Nicoroshi for Wyrmfang resources
ZuTheSkunk for Chrysamere resource
Everyone who has reported bugs


See the permissions button just below the images.