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Reworked Birthsigns:
Adjusts the Powers & Abilities of the basic birthsigns.

Known Issues:
Some of the effects are listed, on here, as touch but are target powers. Caster-type signs give target powers and melee-type give touch powers. Will edit to be correct shortly.

Apprentice: +100 Magicka +10 Intelligence +20 Willpower 25% Weakness to Magic +10 Fortify magicka multiplier
Power: Elemental Blow: +15 Willpower(self) Fire/Frost/Shock damage (5d once + 10d for 20sec) (Touch-Area10)20sec

Atronach: Stunted Magicka 50% Spell Absorption +150 Magicka +5 Weakness to Normal Weapons +20 Fortify magicka multiplier.
Power: Atronachs Draw: Bound Armor/Mace/Shield Summon Flame Atronach Restore Magicka(5)(self)20sec

Lady: +10 Willpower/Personality/Endurance
Power: Lady's Grace: +20 Intelligence/Willpower/Personality(self) (Touch-Area10)20sec

Lord: +10 Willpower/Personality/Endurance
Power: Lord's Grace: +20 Intelligence/Willpower/Personality(self) (Touch-Area10)20sec

Lover: +10 Personality/Luck +50 Resist Disease/Paralysis/Poison
Power: Lover's Kiss: +10 Personality(self) +100 Charm/Command(Touch-Area10)20sec

Mage: +50 Magicka +20 Intelligence +10 Willpower +25 Resist Magic +5 Fortify magicka multiplier
Power: Elemental Blast: +30 Intelligence(self) Fire/Frost/Shock damage (10d once + 20d for 20sec) (Touch-Area10)20sec

Ritual: +5 Restore Health +5 Light
Power: Blessed Word: +10 Light(self) Fire Damage(5) Paralyze(5sec) Drain Magicka(5) (Touch-Area10)20sec

Serpent: +10 Speed Auto Cure Poison +10 Drain Fatigue
Power: Serpents Sting: +50 speed Damage Fatigue(5) Summon Lich(self) Damage Health(10)(Touch-Area10)20sec

Shadow: +10 Chameleon Detect Life(20) +15 Luck/Agility
Power: Vanish: +90 Chameleon Invisibility Night-Eye(self)20sec

Steed: +20 Speed/Feather +10 Restore Fatigue/Strength
Power: Flee: +50 Speed/Acrobatics/Athletics/Feather(self)20sec

Thief: +10 Agility/Speed/Luck
Power: Escape: +100 Chameleon +20 Speed/Agility/Athletics +50 Sneak(self) Paralyze (Touch-Area10-5sec) 20sec

Tower: +20 Endurance +10 Strength +5 Reflect +5 shield(magic)
Power: For Glory: +50 Resist Magic +50 Resist Normal Weapons(self) +10 Fortify Endurence +25 Absorb Heavy Armor(Touch-Area10)20sec

Warrior: +20 Strength +10 Endurance +20 Fatigue
Power: Battlecry: +50 Strength/Luck(Self) +100 Burden +50 Demoralize +50 (Touch-Area10) 20sec

Extract the contents of the .RAR archive to your root dirOblivionData Folder, or extract to a temporary location then drag-and-drop the .ESP into your Data Folder.

Any other mod that changes the 13 basic birthsigns. Report any others you find to me on this page.

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