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DB Listener Poison, Jarrin Root
By Phillipwireland

This Mod adds four new ingredients and a poison to the game.

Jarrin Root
Jarrin Root Extract
Crab Shell
Elf's Teeth

Jarrin Root Poison (DB Listener's Poison)

It also adds an Alchemy Basin to mix the extract and poison in the Cheydinhal Sanctuary. The poison does 600 points for 3 seconds, base damage.

The Ingredients all work as per the norm with a mortar and pestle, but in the basin you can use Jarrin root, bone meal, and bread loaf to make the extract (3 bottles);

And extract, elf's teeth, and 2 nightshades to make a bottle of Jarrin root poison.

You can only BUY Jarrin root since I am not going to build Hammerfel to go pick it ;).
You CAN also buy the extract at upper end alchemy shops and venders, but it is not cheap to import the most deadly root in Tamriel to Cyrodiil, so... have some cash on hand.

Have a lot of cash on hand. No checks.

You can get crab shell from ... mud crabs, and Elf's teeth from high elf conjurers.

With a mortar and pestle the elf’s teeth and crab shell will get you weakness to poison as a secondary effect but more notably it will give you Fortify Magicka Multiplier as a primary effect (from Morrowind).

The poison idea came to me when my character had made listener and had a 100 in Intelligence, and Alchemy (as well as a few other stats) and the best he could get for a poison was like 8 points of damage for 30 seconds or something (even tricked out it wasn't much better.

I thought to myself "8 points of health damage over 30 seconds?!! This Litch has like 1200 hit points!! I could use bleach and get better results!! Hell for that matter, I could take the bowl of apple over on the table, grind the seeds, boil THEM down and get a LOT better result. It's the heart of the Cyrodiil Empire, where they can afford to kill the richest folks in the land; someone has to have a quality poison..."

Well they didn't have, because the stupid 8 point cap in the damage health formula (you can’t even tweak it without messing with a lot of other stuff).

So I set out to make an answer to the problem and came up with this Mod.


No conflicts I am aware of, nor should there be.

You only need latest Oblivion (SI) version to run this, but I have tested with my game (174 mods) and had my friend test it. There were no SI sources used here as far as I know.

HOWEVER, I suk in the custom mesh/ texture/ icon department, so the icons for these are.... poor. (Any help would be appreciated.

This esp has been cleaned with TESIVedit.

Anyone may use this mod as they like, but give credit please.


Bethesda for one of my favorite games (and series), and the CS.
Ronald Ramage for Beta testing
Williamsea, Arthmore/AFK_DWIP, and Icecreamassassin and a couple of others for real modders to look up to over the years.