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Last updated at 16:34, 3 Jan 2014 Uploaded at 16:43, 3 Jan 2014

Since I couldn't find any companion mods for Nehrim, I converted the lovely Rsdnt-Evle's Neeshka from Oblivion to Nehrim. This file is in English and is meant for the English version of Nehrim.

Notice: this file was created for personal use and uploaded here because well, why not? (because I wouldn't have had to struggle to write this description properly, now that i think of it, doh! too late now...), so use it at your own risk. While it shouldn't break anything I can't guarantee it won't.

The differences between this and the original mod:
- She can now be found in the Tavern on the Crossroads in Giliad.
- It is based on the ranged version of Neeshka 2.5. No default melee version is present.
- The dialogue and journal updates for the short quest to get Neeshka as a companion has been slightly edited to fit Nehrim (hopefully I haven't made too many english mistakes).
- Neeshka doesn't carry gold on herself any longer and she now has a different book in her inventory.
- She get the waterbreath effect whenever the player does (it was sad to see the poor thing drowning all the time).
- To fit the lore Neeshka has been changed to Half-Aeterna but the original Dark-Elf version is included as an optional file (install only one .esp, not both).
- Since her hairstyle is already present in the master file, there are no additional files for it.

Nehrim (duh :P)

Extract the archive to your nehrim/data foulder. If you wish her to be a dark-elf, copy "Companion Neeshka.esp" from "Optional DE Neeshka esp" to your nehrim/data foulder and overwrite the regular one. Check "Companion Neeshka.esp" in the nehrim launcher, wrye bash or whatever you are using to launch the game.

Delete "Companion Neeshka.esp" from your nehrim/data foulder.
Delete all the files starting with 1ncm in nehrim/data/meshe/screatures/horse and nehrim/data/textures/creatures/horse foulders
Delete the "Companion Neeshka.esp" foulder from nehrim/data/sound/voice.

Rsdnt-Evle for the original mod of course
And from the original readme:
"Neeshka uses parts of the following mods. The parts needed are included, so if you don't have these mods, she'll still have what she needs.

Neeshka's Horse:
Slof's Horses v2.0 by AlienSlof - http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=24312
The needed files have unique filenames, so it will not matter if you have this mod or not. It will not affect any other part of the game other than Neeshka's horse. Thanks for AlienSlof for letting me use these. As requested in the readme, here are the credits for everyone involved with AlienSlof's mod...

---excerpt from AlienSlof's Horses readme---
Thanks to everyone for testing this out for me.
HappyHannah and Phoenixamon for helping me to figure some things out
The clever folks of NifTools for the amazingly versatile NifSkope which I can't manage without!
The equally clever folks who created Blender which I am now coming to grips with
Bethesda for some of their textures which I have tweaked and used as a base for many of these - and Oblvion of course!
The folks on the ES forums for providing me with reference pics for the more unusual horse types.
Thanks to Arty for spotting the problems with lighting on the horse heads in HDR. These are now hopefully corrected.
Big thanks to jcarl904 for the mare meshes.
Big thanks also to XMarksTheSpot for making me the reins and tweaking meshes!
Zira for the little pyramid mesh I used on the bridle headband - and the idea of doing new bridles!
Thanks also to MysticHybrid for the saddlebag meshes and textures, and odin_ml for optimising the meshes and making them work a bit better in-game.

New stallion, unicorn, mane, tail and bridle meshes by me. All textures by me.

Neeshka's Hair:
Rens Beauty Pack - http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=4431
The needed files are in unique directories, so it will not matter if you have this mod or not, or any other mod that uses it. It will not affect any other part of the game other than Neeshka's hair. Thanks to Ren for letting everyone use these popular files.

Thanks to Specific People:
There were many people who helped get Neeshka to v1.6, and then beta 2.0. If you would like to be included here, please drop me a line, as I don't remember your names. :(

pcrodis - testing 2.0 - 2.x, and discovering the horse CTD

Emma - testing 2.0 - 2.x, as well as flinging suggestions at me faster than I can implement them lol <3

Deepfreeze - suggesting adding script to fix her attribs if they get damaged"

Usage rules from the original readme:
"You can use any part of this mod for your own mod, no need to ask, just please give Neeshka and I credit. If you want to change anything at all in this mod for use in your own game, go right ahead. As for the parts of this mod borrowed from other mods, you'll need to ask the respective modders if you can use those specific parts. Also, please don't slap a new face on her and maybe some new voice files and release her as "your" mod, that's like... lame. People do find out, then they laugh at you behind your back. "

For more details check the original readme (it is included in the archive and on the original's mod readme page.